Fire Restoration & Smoke Damage Cleanup

Fire-damageFast and affordable fire restoration services are our specialty.  From small fires that cause soot to built up and a smoke odor to permeate the property to larger blazes that require significant restoration & reconstruction efforts, we can handle it all.  If you have fire damage at your property, please make us your first call.  We can walk you through the entire process, make sure your questions are answered, and provide options to get your property fully restored!

We cleanup fire damage & remove smoke odors!


How does the fire mitigation process work?


It’s probably a first for you, having to deal with fire and smoke damages.  And in many cases, our customers can be confused about how the process works, what they should do, shouldn’t do, etc.  So here’s some things we like to point out to potential customers to help get them on their way to having a fully restored home or business.


Call a fire damage repair company, not your insurer!


The first mistake people make off the bat is calling their insurance company.  Whether they think they need a claim to proceed with the emergency mitigation process or they think that their insurance agent is going to tell them what restoration company to use, they cost themselves valuable time.

Out_of_date_clock_icon.svgAnytime you are in the position of dealing with a fire or water damage event in your home, your responsibility is always the safety of your family.  Only a certified fire restoration company can begin fixing things and making sure you are safe.

So call us and let us help you from start to finish!


Get a written estimate using Xactimate!


Free_EstimatesYour insurance company will usually end up paying for fire damage restoration services.  And because of that, our industry does things a bit differently when it comes to determine the cost of our services.  We actually all use the same estimating software, Xactimate, to determine the total cost to repair fire & smoke damage on your property.

That’s right, not only do you get a free estimate, upfront & in writing, but you also know it’s a fair estimate.  Xactimate is the same claims calculating software that your insurance company uses, so you know the price is the market rate for our services.


Make sure the work is completed by certified technicians!


CertificateIconWhen choosing a fire damage company in Birmingham, there are no shortage of choices.  But in too many instances, some of those contractors don’t even employ certified technicians.  What does that mean?  It means they have not been formally trained in the science and art of fire damage repair services.  And that means in many instances they aren’t able to follow the proper procedures nor have they mastered the various systems that are necessary to properly mitigate your home or business.

Our technicians are always certified!


Don’t pay out of pocket!


bill-directIf you ask a smoke removal company about payment and they want you to pay for their services out of pocket when the loss is covered by insurance, run for the hills!  Or just tell them ‘no thanks’.  We can handle the billing of our services directly with all insurance companies.  That’s great for our customers because it eliminates the emotional drain of having to navigate the claims process and also the burden of having to come up with the money to pay for our services upfront.

We can bill your insurance company directly!


Get a guarantee you can count on!


Any smoke damage cleanup company or emergency fire mitigation contractor that is serious about what they do should be willing to provide customers assurances before work begins.

satisfaction-guaranteeWith us, that includes a full 100% satisfaction guarantee.  Jobs aren’t considered completed until we’ve had a chance to perform a final walk through with you and we have received a signed document from you stating that you are 100% satisfied.  If there is something you’re not happy with, we will address it immediately so that we can make sure it is resolved before we are done!

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