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We make the water mitigation process simple by providing fast, reliable, and affordable water extraction & drying services, as well as help with your insurance company. Our goal is to be a “one-stop shop” for your water loss, and with over 20 years of experience serving the Birmingham area, we’ve seen and dried it all. If you need a water removal company that you can trust, that always guarantees their work, and offers free estimates & affordable rates, please give us a call now!


Emergency Birmingham water extraction services!


We get water out of wet properties fast so we can begin the drying process.  Containing the flood loss and extracting standing water needs to be done immediately.  It’s why our crews are scattered throughout Birmingham and can respond in a moment’s notice!

We always respond to your call immediately!


Affordable service rates & always free estimates!


One thing we’re committed to is providing water extraction & drying services at a rate that’s affordable.  It’s why we use the same software to estimate losses that your insurance adjuster does.  It ensures you’re getting our services at a fair & affordable rate!

Call today for a completely free water extraction estimate!

But how do you know that we’ll provide an estimate that is fair? It’s simple: we use the same system that all insurance company adjusters use to quote any water mitigation services you might need. Watch the video below to see how we estimate your loss and guarantee you a fair rate:



Certified mitigation service guaranteed to satisfy!


Our job is to mitigate your water loss so that excess moisture is safely removed and your property doesn’t suffer structural damage or black mold.  Our water cleanup technicians are fully qualified to do just that!  It’s why we guarantee & warranty our services!

We offer a full warranty for 1 year & guarantee your satisfaction!


We’re offer complete water mitigation services – here’s how:


We quickly extract any standing water.

Usually within the first 1-2 hours of being on your property we can have the majority of moisture out of your home or office.  We have special equipment for wet carpet water extraction, hardwood floors, and all surface types.  It means we can quickly contain the loss and get down our drying equipment!


We apply mildicide to inhibit fungal growth.

Any water loss brings with it the chance for mold growth, especially in a climate as humid and hot as Birmingham’s.  So in order to give ourselves more time as we work to dry out your structure, we spray mildicide anywhere where we’ve detected high moisture levels to stop mold in its tracks!


We dry your structure.

Once we’ve got out all of the free standing water and applied anti-microbials, we can then set down dehumidification systems as well as air movers and fans to begin the evaporation process.  Passing hot, dry air of the affected areas allows the moisture to evaporate, at which point dehumidifiers trap the moisture and exhaust it outside of your home!


Still not sure how it works? Watch this video…


When you need an emergency water mitigation company, it’s usually not something you’ve needed before. Because of that, many people are confused on how the process work, what we do, etc. Watch this video below to see the steps we commonly take when you home floods:


What happens when a home isn’t quickly dealt with after flooding?


Some times people don’t realize the urgency of their situation and it causes them to delay what needs to be done. That is always a mistake, and here’s why:


Excess moisture leads to black mold damage.

black mold damageEven delaying the process by a couple of days will push your project beyond the mold threshold, where black mold spores will already have begun growing. When water invades your walls, floors or other areas of your home, those areas become food for mold and it feeds off of them and grows exponentially. And if you wait too long, your insurer may deny your claim based on your policy not covering black mold even though a covered water damage event was the cause of the mold. Bottom line, mold is expensive to remove, can make you sick, and can complicate your insurance claim. Don’t let it become a problem!


Wet support structures collapse.

Water-Damaged-Ceiling-photoAny water mitigation contractor will tell you, one of their biggest concerns on any job is the structural integrity of the affected areas. When water soaks the beams, 2x4s, and other supporting structures that keep your house intact, they reduce those structures capacity to carry a load. In layman’s terms, that means sections of your home can collapse. It’s not uncommon to see second story floors give way and create gaping holes in the ceiling of the first floor below. For your own safety, if you have a wet home, please call us or another certified water extraction company ASAP!


Crews are standing by to help you!

If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the Birmingham AL area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!


Call now for a free quote!



Proudly serving Jefferson County & Shelby County


Dealing with standing water?  If so, you need a Birmingham water extraction company you can trust.  While some contractors in the area claim to be water extraction & dryout specialists, many lack the training and certifications to get your property dried out the right way.  Our Birmingham water cleaning technicians use the latest equipment and are fully trained to handle any job!

Whether your home or office has experienced a sewage back-up or a massive pipe burst, we’re there when you need us.  Our Birmingham water damage crews are available around the clock and can usually respond within 30 minutes to immediately begin getting your property dry.  We offer free estimates and can work with your insurance agent to put your Birmingham water extraction problems behind!

So if you have water, act now and save yourself the trouble of even more problems down the road! Call our water removal company today for fast, reliable, affordable service.

Here’s some recent projects we’ve successfully completed:


Jess P. in Hueytown, AL – Water extraction at CVS pharmacy


Water fountain in store leaked causing flooding throughout several square feet of the store. Water damage occurred in the flooring, some walls as well as aisle racks.

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