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flood-damage-companyWe provide immediate water mitigation & sewage extraction services.  Any amount of water damage presents real dangers to your family and your home.  And those dangers are compounded if the water loss includes a sewage back-up.  Our water cleanup company specializes in fast, affordable, and hassle free flood water cleanup and drying services. We can handle every aspect of your insurance repairs and guarantee any work we do!


How does the water extraction process work?


Each loss is unique, and will require a unique restoration plan in order to get things fully repaired.  But having said that, here’s a general guideline of what you can expect when hiring a water cleanup contractor in Huntsville, AL!


1. Call & get a free onsite assessment.


Free_EstimatesWe always give our customers a free estimate for any water removal or sewage cleanup services they might need.  And unlike other companies, we use the same system that your insurance company uses to calculate the cost of any mitigation services required.  What that means for our customers is that they can feel confident in the price we quote upfront, knowing it’s the same price an insurance adjuster would calculate when assessing the loss!

Here’s how it works:


Contain – Extract – Dry


water-extractionOnce you tell us to begin work, we bring out our powerful water extraction systems.  We can get most water out within minutes of being onsite.  We have weighted extraction systems designed to pull water out of wet carpets, as well as wands that vacuum up water from any surface type.  It’s important that you choose a water removal contractor that shows up with all of the necessary equipment and can react forcefully to immediately contain the loss and make sure water damage doesn’t spread.


Our goal is to save your original structure, not replace it!

water-extraction-drying-damaged-ceilingOnce we have most of the water safely removed, we need to address the remaining moisture.  While water extraction systems are great at getting surface water out, some moisture remains in surfaces that must be removed using evaporation.  For this, we also have a variety of systems that can handle any type of surface.  In some cases, air movers are used to pass hot, dry air over and under surfaces.

In other instances, we use a system called Injectidry that can pass hot air behind walls and also be attached to wood floors to pull out moisture.  Regardless of the system used, our goal is to be as non-intrusive as possible.

Typically the dry out process will last around 3 days.  Sometimes it can be less time, and sometimes it can take longer, just depending on the effectiveness of our strategy.  Regardless, our technicians will check our progress each day and can optimize their strategies based upon the readings we’re getting!


We use proven mold prevention techniques!


Many people ask us about the potential for mold damage and it’s a great question.  Mold is a very real possibility, especially if you delay the water cleanup process.  In fact, mold can grow in as little as 48 hours.

mold-removalThe way to stop mold is to remove the elements it needs for growth.  Most importantly, that means removing moisture.  So the only “permanent” solution for mold is to get rid of the water in the walls or floors.

But during the water extraction process, we actually apply mold spray that acts as an inhibitor to mold growth.  It provides a small window of opportunity for us to fix the underlying problems so that once we’re done your home isn’t a breeding ground for toxic mold.


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If you need Huntsville emergency water removal services, you’re in the right place.  We offer free estimates and a rapid response for your Huntsville water extraction needs.  No matter how much water is in your Huntsville property, we can get it out fast!

Water Removal

Huntsville water removal companies should be fully insured, certified & licensed to perform work.  But beyond that, your Huntsville water removal service should go above and beyond to help you navigate a traumatic experience.  You can expect that with our Huntsville water removal experts!


Water Extraction

Our Huntsville water extraction companies understand the challenges of proper extraction of water.  We stand behind all of the work we perform in the Huntsville area and offer a free estimate for any water extracting services you might need!


Water Cleanup

24/7 emergency water cleanup services in Huntsville are what we do!  From the first call, our Huntsville water cleaning company will work quickly to get any water out of your home or office and make sure no mold grows in the future.  Please call our Huntsville water clean-up company today for a free estimate!

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