Flagstaff AZ Flood Damage Restoration & Repair

flood-damage-companyFlooding in your home can send you into a panic and make you feel like all hope is lost. While this is a traumatic event for you, it’s something we deal with every day. And you’ll be surprised to know the path to getting your home put back together is a lot faster than you might expect. We are experts at cleaning up flooding damage and making sure that homeowners get the help they need when faced with such an emergency. From start to final walkthrough, our aim is to make the process as fast and headache free as possible!


Don’t pay more than you should for flood cleanup services!


Free_EstimatesDid you know that reputable flooding restoration companies in Flagstaff all use the same software to quote their services? And did you know there are shady contractors out there that don’t even know how to quote those same services. Choose the wrong company and you could have a big problem on your hands once your insurer denies a portion of your claim and the service provider is demanding full payment. We always give you a transparent, upfront quote for our services, and you always know it’s an honest price!


Because the way in which our services are estimated and billed are quite different than other industries, we made a video to help explain it. Watch it below to see how a RestorationEze flood restoration quote is a price you can depend on!


Why is RestorationEze the right choice for your flood damaged home?


contractor-customerYou have many choices, and we humbly believe we are the right choice. Why can we be that confident? Because we make the sacrifices necessary to ensure we can always provide customers with the highest level of flood damage repair services in Flagstaff. It takes a financial commitment, but it also takes a willingness to stay true to the principles we were found upon: being honest and treating people with respect. We don’t cut corners when it comes to our work or our people, and we believe it shows in the quality of services we provide.


Our technicians are always screened & drug/alcohol tested


checklistIf you’re just assuming that you can hire any water damage company and their technicians are going to be the type of people you actually want in your home working around heavy equipment, it would be a poor assumption. Many companies employee technicians that have a criminal record of theft and burglary or worse. Others don’t drug test or alcohol test their technicians. We do both, because your safety is our number 1 concern!


Our technicians are always certified by the IICRC


iicrc-logoThe IICRC is the certifying entity within our industry. Because there are no local, state or federal regulations around our industry, there are a bunch of yahoos doing work that shouldn’t be. How can you know that we are going to perform our flooding damage cleanup services the right way? Because we take the time to train our technicians and make sure that at a minimum they are certified as water damage restoration technicians. Don’t even think about hiring someone that isn’t IICRC certified!


Our services are guaranteed to make you happy!


satisfaction-guaranteeIt might be hard to envision now, but try this: someday in the very near future this messy incident is completely behind you and you are happy. How does that sound? It’s what all of our customers are guaranteed, whether it’s a small flood in one room of a home or a massive multiple story flood in a commercial building. We don’t complete our work and packup our equipment until you’re completely happy with our work!


What are the biggest pitfalls when it comes to flood cleaning services?


toxic-moldThe biggest threat is always future black mold growth, and it’s caused by improper drying. Every structure within every home has a normal level of moisture in it. When drying out a home, the ‘wet’ surfaces must be returned to the same moisture levels present in the dry areas. When this doesn’t happen, it leaves the perfect conditions for mold growth and it’s virtually guaranteed to happen. We even see it happen after a certified flood company has performed the work, but it’s especially common after a homeowner mistakenly believes they have what it takes to get their home dry. At RestorationEze, we guarantee a mold-safe home because we are confident in our structural drying abilities!


What does Flagstaff flood cleanup service look like with RestorationEze?


Our job is complex, but it can be explained so that you can understand. Basically our role is containment (keeping the moisture from spreading to other areas), preventing temporary mold growth, drying and then repairing. The process looks different for each home, but there is a basic blueprint that is usually followed, and it’s documented in the video below. If you’ve never hired a flood restoration company, we hope you will take a minute to watch it and see for yourself what we do!


If you are in Flagstaff and in need of professional flood repair services, we’re here to help! We offer Flagstaff residents free estimates for any flood damage repair service you might require. No matter how big the Flagstaff flood damage is, we have the ability to get your property dry and fully restored quickly!

Flood Restoration

Unfortunately Flagstaff flood damage restoration services are somethings needed. When it happens, our Flagstaff flood restoration company is here to help! We offer residents and businesses throughout the Flagstaff area emergency flood restoration services and will be happy to provide a free quote for you project!

Flood Repair

Should you be in a situation where you need Flagstaff flood repairs services, a fast response is crucial. We specialize in 24/7 emergency Flagstaff flood damage repairs and would be happy to come to your home or office and offer a free estimate for any work you might need done!

Flood Cleaning

Everyday in Flagstaff, disasters occur that require rapid flood cleaning services. When they do, you can count on our Flagstaff flood cleanup crews to get your home or office fully dry and restored fast. We offer a free, no obligation Flagstaff cleanup flood estimate as well as a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

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