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flood-damage-companyOur services aren’t just designed to fix your home’s water damage, they’re designed to bring you peace of mind. That your home is healthy, that your family is safe, and that you can move on with your life. When a water loss happens, it’s important you have a trusted guide to help you navigate the cleanup and restoration process, along with any other services you may need, like help with your insurance claim. We do all of that, and we have been helping people in your situation for years. We would welcome the opportunity to help you too, so please call and let’s discuss your situation!


A quote is free, and there is never any obligation from you!


Free_EstimatesWhile we would love to be able to provide you with an estimate over the phone that would be valuable to you, the reality is that is not possible. But when people ask us how our pricing works, we can at least explain a couple of things: 1) all water restoration companies use the same pricing guidelines and 2) our estimate is done at your home and is always free. So call now and schedule a free onsite water damage service estimate you can trust, and we’ll discuss our professional opinion and the fastest way to get your home fixed!

When our estimator comes out, one of the first things he will explain is how estimates, pricing and billing works within our industry. He will educate you about the entire process, then begin the assessment to determine what needs to be done to fix the water damage in your home. If you would like to see what that initial process looks like, and understand better how prices for water restoration services are determined, please watch the video below!


We only employ certified water damage restoration technicians!


iicrc-logoWhen it comes to emergency water mitigation services, there is no licensing body at the local or state levels. What that means is that there are often times people or companies operating in our space that shouldn’t be. And when we’re talking about fixing water damage, the implications of poor service are multiple and severe. It can mean your health is at risk as well as your bank account. It’s why we only employ water damage restoration technicians certified by the IICRC!


We ensure a mold-safe environment in your home!


mold-free-guaranteeProbably the biggest error we see is improper drying resulting in mold growth. It can even happen to certified water mitigation companies if they don’t effectively return a structure to its dry-standard. One thing we offer customers is a mold-safe guarantee, meaning that upon our work being completed your property will pass a third party mold test should you choose to hire an environmental hygienist.


Combating the moisture issue…


There are 2 crucial steps that must be done correctly in order to ensure the right outcome when it comes to drying out your home:


1) Moisture identification – great lengths must be taken to find all the areas where the water has traveled. Because most moisture can’t be spotted by the naked eye, sophisticated equipment is needed to ‘peer behind’ walls and test moisture level in every nook and cranny of your home. The image below highlights the challenges in identifying moisture without help:


While thermal imaging cameras are one way we can see problem areas, there are a number of other systems we use to test for moisture depending on the type of surface we suspect is affected.


negative-pressure-drying-system2) Moisture removal – please read this slowly: if you think you can dry out your home by opening some windows and plugging in some fans, you’re going to be really upset with your decision to go the DIY route once you have a very expensive black mold problem on your hands down the road. Fast drying systems are necessary, and being fully trained to know when and where to employ them is imperative. If you aren’t trained to do this and you don’t have the advanced systems necessary, the result is going to be the same: black mold.


While finding and removing moisture is the ultimate goal of cleaning up water damage, there are more steps involved to insure you don’t get mold damage. We made a video to help you understand what those steps are, and why going to the DIY route is such folly. Please take a moment to watch this quick video and see why hiring professional water damage repairs services is not only your best option, it should be your only option!


Choose us and your satisfaction is guaranteed!


satisfaction-guaranteeIf you hire the wrong water damage cleanup company, you could be left dealing with the consequences. It’s a very tough position to be in, because usually by the time you realize there are problems they are long gone and your insurer has already paid them whatever was owed. So who picks up the pieces? You. Don’t get stuck in that position! Choose us and any water damage restoration services we offer are backed by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee! So call us now to discover why we are Flagstaff’s trusted choice for emergency water mitigation services!


Do you need a restoration company in Flagstaff that you can trust?  Our Flagstaff restoration companies are fully insured, licensed & certified to get your Flagstaff water damage issue fixed for good!  Call us now for an immediate response in Flagstaff and a free estimate for any work performed!

Water Damage Restoration

Water damage is a big deal, and the service of performing Flagstaff water damage restoration is truly a science.  It requires years of experience, sophisticated Flagstaff drying and remediation equipment, and a real understanding of the elements involved.  Our Flagstaff water damage companies have that experience and resources to help fully repair your Flagstaff water damaged property.


Water Damage Repair

Water damage repair is not as simple as drying out your Flagstaff property.  We understand the intricacies of proper Flagstaff water damage repair services, because it’s all we do!  We offer Flagstaff residential & commercial water damage repairs that get your life back to normal quickly!



Water Damage Cleanup

Emergency water damage cleaning in Flagstaff is just a phone call away.  We specialize in rapid responses to any Flagstaff water damage cleanup crisis.  From free estimates to 100% satisfaction guarantees, our Flagstaff water damage cleaning companies are the best in the business!


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