Most common causes of household mold

Posted in:Mold Remediation | BY Matt Buchanan

In 2017 we're committing much of our blogging efforts to discuss mold. Over the course of the past several years, as homeowners have become more educated about the health effects of black mold exposure, they've rightly become more concerned with their home's health. So in this blog installment, we'll discuss the most common causes of a sick home that is infested with toxic black mold. Our hope with this post is to help you better understand what causes mold so that you can make sure to be on the lookout and prevent damaging mold growth in your home in the future!   Why does black mold growth occur?   Before we jump into the most common causes of black mold, it's important to explain the reasons black mold forms in the first place. But first a surprising fact: every home has black mold. There are trace amounts in...

The 4 most common questions about home flooding

Posted in:Flood Damage Restoration | BY Matt Buchanan

Flood damage isn't something homeowners deal with often. Unlike "routine" services like a plumber or carpet cleaner, it's fortunately very rare when you need a flood damage company like us. But because it isn't very common, it's also very confusing to most homeowners. And you can only imagine how much stress is added to the equation when you're dealing with an emergency event like substantial flooding. Many people have no idea where to turn or what actions to take. In some cases, that can lead to paralysis. In other cases, it can lead to making poor decisions that can either put your health and safety at risk or cause you significant financial hardship down the road. We always tell people in your situation that it's a good idea to ask as many questions as possible as soon as possible. That goes for any flood restoration service company...

Common water damage from winter weather hazards

Posted in:Water Damage Restoration | BY Matt Buchanan

We saw an amazing map the other day that showed snowfall in every US state except Florida. That doesn't happen often, but we figured that since it did it would be a good chance to remind people of the most common water damage events that can happen due to cold weather and snow. For many in the US, the thought of getting home water damage from a cold snap doesn't even register on their radar. But the truth is, any home can be susceptible to cold weather, and that's especially true for homes in the South that may not be built in such a way to protect the home's vital infrastructure. So now that almost everybody across the US had a nice scare, let's talk through what you need to be aware of in order to protect your home from expensive water damage.   Ice dam formations on your roof   This is more common in colder climates...

Black mold in crawlspaces

Posted in:Mold Remediation | BY Matt Buchanan

We're going to spend much of 2017 talking about black mold. It's a pervasive enemy to many homes throughout the country and a serious health risk to those exposed to high levels of black mold spores. We've spent much of the last few years detailing water damage and the impact it has on homes. In doing so, we've discussed the correlation between moisture and mold. But this year we're going to delve further into the root causes of mold damage, where you're most likely to find it, and what you can do to either prevent it or make sure it's safely removed in the event you discover it. So with that backdrop, let's talk about black mold in crawlspaces.   What causes black mold damage in crawlspaces?   What causes black mold levels to become elevated in any environment are the same things, whether it's in your kitchen cabinets...

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