Common moisture problems that can lead to black mold

Posted in:Mold Remediation | BY Matt Buchanan

We're going to start talking about a topic that we haven't paid much attention to over the years. It's a mistake on our part that we're going to rectify! That topic is toxic black mold. Because we offer both mold removal and water damage restoration services, we are uniquely positioned to discuss the interplay between the two. So to start off this new discussion, we're going to discuss a particularly insipid problem: small moisture problems and their impact on toxic mold growth.   Why does mold grow?   Any discussion about mold cleanup should start with understanding why mold begins to grow in the first place. Customers with a mold damage problem are always surprised to learn that toxic mold spores are present not just in their home, but every home, and in fact almost every environment. It's a naturally occurring...

Removing leaves reduces your chances of water damage

Posted in:Water Damage Restoration | BY Matt Buchanan

If you're lucky enough to live on a lot that is covered with trees, you're probably like me and in awe of the beauty of nature every Autumn. What an amazing time it is to see the leaves turn colors. But then something not so amazing happens. They die and fall. All over your lawn, on your roof and anywhere else in the not so immediate area. What a disaster! It's so easy to just turn a blind eye to their unsightliness and mentally prepare for winter weather. But ignoring the leaves isn't going to make them go away, and not removing them is going to greatly increase your chances of suffering water damage. In this blog post, we'll talk about the 2 ways fallen leaves can lead to home water damage!   Leaves clog gutters   If we had a dollar for every time we've mentioned this on our blog, we'd...have a lot of dollars. Your...

Prevent freezing attic pipes

Posted in:Water Extraction | BY Matt Buchanan

How's this sound? It's winter, you live in the cozy confines of your suburban home in the heart of the South. You're sound asleep at night, dreaming of a wood-burning fire and some hot cocoa. Then all of sudden in your dream you hear the faint sound of rain drops. Then you start to feel them on your face. Then you wake up and think 'gosh, that was weird!' You shake your head, rub your eyes and decide you might as well use the restroom while you're up. Then you put your feet on the floor and feel water and hear a splash. Then all of sudden, you really wake up...sure enough, it's raining inside your home! What in the world is going on? Well, tens of thousands of dollars in water damage, that's what! The above nightmare happened to my sister-in-law last winter. There ended up being over $40,000 in damages and they had to move out of...

Why does IICRC certification matter?

Posted in:Water Damage Restoration | BY Matt Buchanan

Visit any page on our site and chances are you'll find a section on that page reminding you that our technicians are certified by the IICRC. Given the size of our site, that means we're being pretty repetitive. But there's a reason: it's important for you, or anyone else in need of reliable water damage services, to know. So no matter what led you to our site or where you ended up, one of the things we think is most important for you to understand is the quality of the work you can expect from our technicians. And that's why you need to know about the IICRC and its impact on our industry.   What is the IICRC?   The IICRC, or Clean Trust (as they would like to be referred to today...they've had a bit of a branding crisis the last few years), stands for the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning & Restoration...

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