Flooding Complications Homeowners Should Be Aware Of

Posted in:Flood Damage Restoration | BY Matt Buchanan

Infographic provided by: http://b-air.com/ You weathered the storm. After all the warnings and speculation, precautions and concern, the worst is over, and your home is still standing. Standing in water, maybe, but intact. Now all that’s left to do, after counting your lucky stars, is buckle down and focus on flood restoration efforts. Regardless of the extent of damage to your home, the task may seem overwhelming. After all, water has a way of seeping into the most inaccessible places and causing significant harm. The last thing you want to do is overlook key renovation details, ending up with more problems later as a result. Below you’ll find specific information regarding complications to look out for when dealing with flood damage, as well as tips to help safeguard your home from further destruction in the...

Prevent water damage to your furnace this winter

Posted in:Flood Damage Restoration | BY Matt Buchanan

Every winter, especially if you live in a cold climate, your home is under assault from the elements. Eventually, that constant assault can cause your home's systems to fail. One common result of these failures is water damage. And while any type of water damage is bad, there are certain types of damage that can be worse than others. That's especially true in the winter. Perhaps no system in your home is more important in the winter than your furnace. Without it, you'd be in big trouble. So while the impact of home water damage is bad no matter how you look at it, having your furnace damaged when the temps are freezing outside can be catastrophic. So let's talk about things you can do to protect your furnace from water damage should the worst case scenario happen to you this winter.   Elevate your furnace   Furnaces...

On Halloween, we leave you with this spooky thought

Posted in:Water Damage Restoration | BY Matt Buchanan

What you do in the coming days and weeks will have a huge impact on the water damage risks your home is under this winter. In terms of water damage prevention, you're currently in the most pivotal time of the year for your home if you live in an area that will see low temps this winter. Despite this fact, many homeowners will simply not do the basic things that can make or break whether or not they have winter water damage. In some cases, it's a case of not knowing what the threats are and the actions they can take to mitigate those threats. In other instances, it's just pure laziness. Whatever the case, these homeowners put themselves at a much greater risk of home water damage.  As regular readers of our water damage blog know, winter is by far the busiest time of the year for us. And those readers also know, we do what we can to...

What should I do after a hurricane?

Posted in:Flood Damage Restoration, Hurricane & Storm Damage | BY Matt Buchanan

The days and weeks after a hurricane damages your home and neighborhood are incredibly difficult, both from an emotional standpoint as well as a physical one. There can be so many emotions running through a person's mind in those days that many victims often feel paralyzed about what to do next. As a nationwide flood restoration service, we deal with these natural disasters often and know all too well what you're going through. Our country was just hit with 2 of the most devastating hurricanes we've ever seen, and for them to happen within a couple of weeks is unprecedented. But as regional and national resources are put in place to begin the rebuild process, it's important for you as a homeowner to understand there are things you can do to begin the difficult task of getting your property and your life back to normal.   When...

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