Common water damage from winter weather hazards

Posted in:Water Damage Restoration | BY Matt Buchanan

We saw an amazing map the other day that showed snowfall in every US state except Florida. That doesn't happen often, but we figured that since it did it would be a good chance to remind people of the most common water damage events that can happen due to cold weather and snow. For many in the US, the thought of getting home water damage from a cold snap doesn't even register on their radar. But the truth is, any home can be susceptible to cold weather, and that's especially true for homes in the South that may not be built in such a way to protect the home's vital infrastructure. So now that almost everybody across the US had a nice scare, let's talk through what you need to be aware of in order to protect your home from expensive water damage.   Ice dam formations on your roof   This is more common in colder climates...

Black mold in crawlspaces

Posted in:Mold Remediation | BY Matt Buchanan

We're going to spend much of 2017 talking about black mold. It's a pervasive enemy to many homes throughout the country and a serious health risk to those exposed to high levels of black mold spores. We've spent much of the last few years detailing water damage and the impact it has on homes. In doing so, we've discussed the correlation between moisture and mold. But this year we're going to delve further into the root causes of mold damage, where you're most likely to find it, and what you can do to either prevent it or make sure it's safely removed in the event you discover it. So with that backdrop, let's talk about black mold in crawlspaces.   What causes black mold damage in crawlspaces?   What causes black mold levels to become elevated in any environment are the same things, whether it's in your kitchen cabinets...

Trust RestorationEze & Our Process

Posted in:Flood Damage Restoration | BY Matt Buchanan

We fielded a call this morning that caused us to want to talk about something: trust. It's not something most flood damage restoration companies spend a lot of time talking about, but it's absolutely the bedrock foundation upon which our services must be performed. One of the things you notice right off the bat when fielding a call from a home or business owner who has just discovered water damage in their property is how frantic they are. It's definitely understandable, and a lot of that chaos is driven by their lack of understanding about the work we do and its results. So let's talk about trust in both us and the water damage restoration process. Hopefully after reading this post, you'll get a clearer idea of the 'how' in our work which will allow you to place your trust in us.   Why can you trust our flood damage...

Black mold in cabinets

Posted in:Mold Remediation | BY Matt Buchanan

Mold can find a home pretty much anywhere there is food and an excess of moisture. But for a number of reasons, toxic black mold loves your kitchen and bath cabinets. In this blog post, we'll discuss this common problem and try to offer some advice on how to prevent it from happening to you as well as what to do should you discover black mold under your cabinets.   Why black mold is often found in cabinets   Some places just seem more prone to black mold damage. One such place inside cabinets. Whether it's a kitchen sink, bathroom vanity or your mud sink next to your washer and dryer, mold loves cabinets! But why? The truth is mold loves anywhere where it can find food to eat (and your cabinets are the perfect food), has a nice ambient temperature and there is too much moisture. Your cabinets aren't going anywhere and...

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