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flood-repairOur job isn’t just to repair flooding damage, it’s to restore lives. It’s something we take very seriously and it’s why our customers have trusted us when they’ve found themselves needing a flood restoration company in Orange County they can trust.  Whether it’s one room with we carpets or a whole warehouse that has sustained significant flood damage, we can help!  Call now and speak with one of our friendly, certified technicians and get a free onsite estimate for any work that may be required!

OC Emergency Flood Repair Services!


Flooding can happen in seconds, we respond just as quick!


Out_of_date_clock_icon.svgDid you know that potentially toxic black mold can begin growing within 24 hours of a water loss?  Did you know that water-soaked walls and ceilings are at-risk of collapsing if not dried out immediately?  For a number of reasons, you need to pick up the phone and call us or another certified flood cleanup company if you have moisture in your property. We respond immediately by dispatching the closest on-call crew within minutes of your phone call!


Never worry that the price is inflated – here’s why!


Free_EstimatesOver 90% of the time, when a flooding loss occurs the property owner files a claim with their insurance company to pay for the costs of the mitigation work.  That means that unlike other service industries, we as the end provider don’t actually get to set our rates.  Instead, your insurance company tells us what we can charge to cleanup flooding damage from your property.  So when you get our free estimate, you know the price is fair, after all, it’s based on what your own insurance company has said they will pay!

When you call out a certified Orange County restoration company, they should always be using Xactimate to estimate the loss.  And if they aren’t, don’t waste your time…there are sure to be problems when you go to file a claim with your insurer.  Here’s how the Xactimate estimating system works:


Vetted, drug-free & certified flooding damage cleanup technicians!


checklistOur job is to make you safe.  While the task performed is cleaning up after a flood, the results mean your home is once again safe to live in.  But we don’t think we can truly provide for your safety without making sure the people we employ are safe.  So to make sure that is the case, we always:

  • require candidates to pass a nationwide criminal background check
  • require technicians to pass random drug tests
  • require employees to carry all proper insurance policies


What’s in a certification?  Everything!


CertificateIconWhen you’re finding a water damage company, you’re in a tight spot because you need to make a decision quickly but you also want to make sure you’re trusting your property to someone that is qualified to help you get it fully restored.  At RestorationEze, all of our Orange County flooding repair contractors are certified by the IICRC in water damage restoration meaning they have a full grasp on all current techniques, procedures & equipment.  When it comes to your home or business, never put your trust in a company that isn’t willing to do the things they need to do in order to provide excellent flood mitigation services – make sure they’re certified by the IICRC!


We send our invoice to your insurer!


When we say we offer insurance direct billing, that simply means that instead of you paying upfront for our emergency flood services, we work with the insurance company throughout the loss and settle the claim directly with them. While not all flooding is covered by insurance, many losses are covered. We will work diligently with your adjuster to make sure you get every penny you are entitled to!

So give us a call today and let us explain what has made us the trusted flood damage contractor in Orange County for so many customers!


What to do during and after flooding…


There is a ton of great flood prevention information available online, but the reality is there is only so much you can do to protect your home should Mother Nature roar. If you are reading this during a flood event, here are some things you should do to stay safe and minimize the damage to your home:


Shut off the main power to your home. If you can do so safely, kill the main electricity to your home. You should also cut off the main gas supply line to the home. In times of flooding, especially if you have to evacuate your house, gas lines can burst and damage can occur to your electrical system and potentially cause a unsafe environment for our workers once we get to the property.

Move valuables to a safe place. If possible, get valuable household items to high ground or on to the second floor of your home.

Store clean water. Main water systems can become compromised during flooding, meaning the water system can become infiltrated by storm water and carry toxic substances that can make you sick. So while your home may still be able to serve water after flooding, it’s best to store clean water as much as possible.

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