Orange County Sewage Backup Cleaning

sewage-cleanup-item-removalWhen a sewer backup happens, it’s always best to have a licensed & certified sewage cleaning company assess the loss.  What you might not know is that sewer water isn’t just smelly and gross, it’s potentially deadly.  Sewage back-ups can release viruses and other pathogens into the air that can make you extremely sick.  So if you have a backed-up sewer line that has sent waste throughout your bathroom or anywhere else in your home, please call us now!


We repair sewage damage the right way….


When a sewer backup occurs, you need confidence the situation will be resolved quickly, effectively, and at a fair price.  At RestorationEze, we make that simple and assured. Here’s how we help people recover from Orange County sewage backups…


The right price – guaranteed!


Free_EstimatesHow much does sewage backup cleaning services cost?  You might be surprised to learn that any reputable Orange County restoration company calculates their costs using the same system any insurance adjuster will use.  So for us, the cost is simply the amount your insurance company has agreed to pay for any services that might be necessary.  So when our estimator comes to your property, we perform a complete evaluation and then measure the damage and lay out the steps necessary to fix & clean your property.

At that point, you receive a free, written cost estimate – there is no obligation to move forward, but if you accept the estimate we can begin the work of cleaning up sewage damage immediately!

Here’s a quick video explaining the process:


How do we make sure your sewage cleanup project is done right?


cautionYou deserve to know that when you choose a sewage cleanup company in OC that the end result will be that your home or business will be restored to its previous condition. Sadly, that isn’t always assured.  In fact, we’re called onto jobs abandoned or neglected by previous restoration providers all the time.  Many will appear to repair sewage backups but only do cosmetic work, leaving your property infested with harmful pathogens and viruses.

So here’s what we do to make sure your Orange County sewage cleanup services are done correctly:


We make sure our sewage damage contractors are certified.


CertificateIconWe only work with the best Orange County water damage companies, and that starts with making sure they have the ability to resolve your sewage backup issue.  One way we make sure that is the case is by ensuring our partners have the proper certifications and keep those certifications current.

Only certified sewage extraction services at RestorationEze!


Know the risks for any sewage water exposure! Our job is to make sure you are safe, and we’ve created the video below to give you a better idea for the perils involved anytime raw sewage is present.


We make sure our technicians are safe.


checklistCall RestorationEze and you are assured that the crew that arrives at your house is safe. That might not be the case if you call a fly-by-night Orange County CA sewage backup company.  Some hire convicted felons.  Some employ technicians that can be under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.  We would never let them into our homes, so why would we allow them into yours?

We drug-test & background screen our technicians!


Your sewage cleanup work is probably backed by insurance!


bill-directWe can usually help our customers successfully settle an insurance claim so that they aren’t stuck footing the bill for our sewage damage restoration services.  In fact, when you call RestorationEze you don’t need to worry about the claim at all.  From beginning to end our staff can work with your adjuster.

We even send the bill directly to them.  Call the wrong company, and you may be asked to pay upfront and then left to your own devices to seek a reimbursement check from your insurance company!


Ways to prevent sewage backups in your home!


If you already have raw sewage in your home, please understand that you are dealing with an emergency situation and give us a call immediately. While sewage spills are on the decline in Orange County, there are still some things we think you should do to help prevent them in your home:


fats-oils-grease-clogging-restaurant-sewer-lineDon’t pour oils, fats or grease down your drain, put them in the trash where they belong! Many people think they can pour grease and oils down their drain so long as they do it while running hot water down the drain. Those people get a rude wake up call in the form of their own feces laying on their floors. Please don’t let this happen to you, be smart and dump fats, oils and grease into the trash and not down your drain!


Clean out your main line once every year. That might seem like overkill, but if you factor in the cost of cleaning out your main line with the cost of cleaning and disinfecting and drying your home after a sewage spill, it’s a no brainer. Even if you’re doing everything right, your drains can begin to become clogged over time from tree roots or other obstacles.


Install a sewer line backflow preventer. While this can be a little more expensive than a simple cleaning, it can go a long way in protecting your home against a sewer backup during a time of heavy rains. Here is a good resource explaining what backwater valves do and why they are an important weapon against sewer backups.

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