Water Damage in Irvine CA

home-floodWhen a water loss puts your family at risk or your business on hold, it’s safe to say it’s your top priority.  And when it happens, you need a water mitigation company that understands the pressures it puts on your life and does everything within its power to get the situation resolved quickly.  We offer emergency Irvine water damage repair & flood cleanup services that you can depend on when disaster strikes.

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How we repair water damage vs. our competitors…


cautionLike any other industry, companies within the water damage restoration space can vary wildly depending on who you choose.  While there are some great contractors out there intent on providing great flood mitigation services to their customers, there’s also some bad apples out there.  Here’s some things to think about when considering us versus other water restoration companies in Irvine.


Straightforward pricing vs. bait and switch techniques


Right off the bat you want to know that the cost of water damage cleanup services is reasonable, and that there won’t be an issue when you go to file an insurance claim.  Some restoration companies will use shameless bait and switch techniques, offering one price upfront, beginning the work, then sticking you with a much larger bill based on what they claim was unanticipated work.  When you go to file your claim, your insurance company might very well balk at the costs, leaving you in a big pickle.

Free_EstimatesWe price everything we do using insurance-approved software called Xactimate.  It calculates the full costs of any water mitigation services required using the reimbursement rates insurers have agreed to pay.  It guarantees the price our Irvine CA flood restoration contractor quotes is fair!

Here’s how it works:


Certified emergency restoration service vs. ‘winging it’


CertificateIconSurely you want to know that the water damage contractor you hire will be properly trained, know how to use all of their equipment, and that they’ll follow the right procedures to cleanup flood damage?  That isn’t always the case.  Some contractors only know the basics of water mitigation service and aren’t capable of properly diagnosing a water loss or implementing the right equipment correctly to fix the problems.

You always want to use a certified water damage restoration company in Irvine, CA.  Our technicians are trained, insured, bonded & certified to do any floor restoration work that may be necessary.


Guaranteed satisfaction vs. no assurances


satisfaction-guaranteeWill a water extraction company stand behind their work and guarantee their services?  Many don’t.  And that’s frightening because the stakes are so high.  If you get shoddy service that you can’t depend on, it could end up costing you a lot of money, not to mention the stress of worrying about the safety of your family.  Unlike some Irvine flood restoration companies, we actually stand by all of the work we do.

We won’t leave until you’ve signed a document of satisfaction, saying you’re completely satisfied with the restoration services we’ve provided.


Insurance billing vs. paying out of pocket


bill-directWould you rather have the mitigation company settle the cost of the work with your insurance company or would you rather cough up the money out of your own pocket to pay the costs of any water cleanup & repair services?  We think it’s an easy choice, but some people end up having to pay and wait for reimbursement from their insurer because the picked the wrong company.  We offer insurance billing!


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