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water-damage-cleanupRepairing flood damage should always occur as quickly as possible.  If you need an emergency flood mitigation company, we hope you will call us.  We focus on offering affordable, reliable & fast flooding cleanup & repair services throughout San Bernardino County California and would be happy to assist you in any phase of your flood loss recovery.

One call for all of your flood mitigation service needs!


Don’t wait – it can be a costly delay…


Out_of_date_clock_icon.svgDamage mounts quickly.  When flooding happens in a property, the water will find as many places to rest as possible.  It only gets worse the longer you wait, and if you wait too long, you’ll end up with a mold problem.  So call us, or any certified flood cleanup company, and make sure the water is spotted and removed as soon as possible after you’ve discovered the water!

Call us now – 909-610-8642 – for an immediate response!


Need a free flooding cleanup estimate?


We make getting a fair, honest & upfront price quote simple.  Our estimating system is designed with your concerns in mind.  Namely, will I get a fair price that will be accepted by my insurance company when I go to file a claim.  Our estimating software is the exact same one as your insurance company’s, so that means we charge the same rates they’ve agreed to pay.  Here’s how it works:


Free_EstimatesAs you can see, our free estimates aren’t just some hard-sale experience where we use bait and switch tactics or inflate costs after sizing you up.  We give you the industry standard price for the services you need, based upon the amount of time and equipment that will be necessary to cleanup the flood damage.

If you need a cost estimate you can trust, call us –  909-610-8642


But can I trust you’ll do a good job?


We realize the situation you’re put in.  Needing to make a quick decision, but ultimately trusting the flood company you hire is going to be composed of trustworthy people that will do their job well.  That can be difficult, and frankly, sometimes people make a poor choice and end up with a terrible experience.

We try and make that process simple, and it starts with the people and service promises we make:


All flood mitigation technicians are drug-free & screened.


checklistWhat if you hired a flood damage company and the technicians arrived and they happened to be on drugs or perhaps were convicted criminals?  If you knew that’s what would happen, there’s no way you would have asked them to come to your house.  But that happens everyday.  Call us and the technicians that arrive at your home are fully screened and pass random drug screening.


All work performed by certified & insured professionals.


CertificateIconWhat would happen if you hired technicians that weren’t properly trained to diagnose your flood loss or use the equipment they have?  Chances are, they wouldn’t properly restore your property.  Or what if they got hurt but didn’t have insurance?  We take those fears away by ensuring each flood removal contractor is certified & fully insured to protect you.


See our San Bernardino flood restoration services for yourself!


We see the damaging effects of shoddy flooding cleanup companies all the time. There is no licensing body in our industry, which means anybody can say they are a water damage restoration company. Add to that, the reality that most of our work is paid for by insurers and you have a bunch of people out just chasing ‘easy money’. Many times they get in homes and have only a cursory understanding of how to actually repair a flood damaged home. Usually well after they have collected their check the homeowner notices that things aren’t quite right. By then, the cost to fix their mistakes can be high and there will be no insurance claim to pay for it.

If you want to make sure your home is mitigated properly, please call us. We do things the right way every time. To see what that looks like, watch the short video below:


What happens if the flood damage isn’t handled properly?


black mold damageBlack mold. Lots of it. It happens so quickly that most people are caught off guard. How quickly? Depending on the humidity levels and temperature, around 2-3 days, but usually no later. That happens fast, and when it takes hold, mold spores can be ruthless. They damage everything they come into contact with, and that can include your health. By now, hopefully you are aware of the health risks of mold exposure. It can cause a variety of ailments, including skin rashes, trouble breathing, and lung infections and hundreds of other issues. But it’s not just about the health risks, it also puts any insurance claim at risk. Insurers do not like hearing the word ‘mold’. In many cases, they won’t cover the expenses to clean it up properly, and it is very expensive.


Are you in San Bernardino and dealing with a flood damage emergency? If so, please call our San Bernardino flood repair company now for an immediate response and a free estimate. If you’re happy with the quote, we can begin the San Bernardino flood restoration work immediately so that your property is back to normal fast!

Flood Restoration

Rapid San Bernardino flood restoration service is what we do! From an immediate response to working with your San Bernardino insurance agent, we try to make the flood restoration process as simple as possible. So call us 24/7 for all your San Bernardino flood damage restoration needs.

Flood Repair

Are you in San Bernardino and in need of professional flood repair services? Our San Bernardino flood damage repair experts are available when you need them to handle any flood damaged property. Please call us now for a free estimate and rapid response throughout the San Bernardino area.

Flood Cleaning

Emergency flood cleaning service in San Bernardino is just a call away. We offer San Bernardino residential and commercial flood cleanup services that get your property restored quickly. Our San Bernardino cleanup flood specialists are available anytime, day or night, and can respond immediately and offer a free on-site estimate within the San Bernardino area, so please call now!

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