San Bernardino CA Water Removal & Extraction

flood-damage-companyEmergency San Bernardino, CA water removal services are just a phone call away. We understand the importance of an immediate response when you’re faced with a flooding situation and have standing water in your property.  We see the damaging effects of a delayed response all the time.  It’s why we have water extraction contractors available around the clock to handle all of your water mitigation needs and provide a free estimate for any work required!


Fair & Honest Water Mitigation & Sewage Cleanup Services


cautionWater losses can put you in a tough spot of needing to make a decision quickly, but ultimately making a decision that will have a big impact on you emotionally and potentially financially.  We see the impact a bad decision can have for people all of the time, and it’s our goal to help people avoid those situations…here’s some things that can happen if you choose the wrong water cleanup company in San Bernardino.


Do they have the proper credentials?


There are some bad water mitigation contractors providing bad service.  They usually change their business name once every few years so that they can ‘start fresh’ while continuing to offer the same bad work.

checklistAll of our water extraction companies are insured, licensed, and bonded.  On top of that all of the technicians are drug-free (they must pass random drug tests) and have passed a criminal background screening before being hired.  Not only that we train our technicians in every aspect of the flood mitigation process and make sure they know how to properly use every piece of equipment available to them!


Will they offer a fair price that will be accepted by insurance?


This can be a major trip up for many people.  That’s because there are some contractors out there offering their own pricing, and usually basing that pricing on what they think they can get from you money-wise.  That’s just wrong.  Here’s how it should work:

Free_EstimatesFirst, we provide you with a free estimate.  We come to your property and measure the loss, determine the extent of water damage, and then line item everything we need to do and use to get your property dry.  We punch those things into a system call Xactimate, which then calculates the cost of water mitigation service using the accepted rates insurance companies pay for each item.  In other words, our costs are the same as your insurance company has already agreed to pay!


Can they actually get out all of the moisture?


moisture-reading_wood_flooringThat’s a big question, and one you better hope is answered as ‘yes’.  But in many cases, there are companies out there that don’t have the proper moisture detection equipment and thus lack the ability to even know where your moisture problems are.  What happens there?  You usually are guaranteed to end up with black mold damage and structural issues.  In other words, you end up with a much bigger and more expensive problem on your hands than you had in the first place!


Can they bill my insurer?


bill-directSome water cleanup services refuse to offer insurance-direct billing.  Why?  Because they can collect a check from you quicker than they can from an insurer.  They just want to get paid, and they don’t care about the financial bind that puts you in.  And they also aren’t interested in helping ensure you get reimbursed quickly.  When it comes to the payment, you’re on your own!

We offer insurance billing options for customers whose loss is covered by insurance.  That means we can bill them directly for our work!


Water Removal

For years, our San Bernardino water removal technicians have been helping residents & businesses get water out of their property. We specialize in around-the-clock response to any water removal situation you might have!


Water Extraction

Our San Bernardino water extraction companies understand the challenges of proper extraction of water. We stand behind all of the work we perform in the San Bernardino area and offer a free estimate for any water extracting services you might need!

Water Cleanup

24/7 emergency water cleanup services in San Bernardino are what we do! From the first call, our San Bernardino water cleaning company will work quickly to get any water out of your home or office and make sure no mold grows in the future. Please call our San Bernardino water clean-up company today for a free estimate!

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