San Diego CA Basement Water Clean-up

Do you have water in your basement? Whether it’s from a recent storm or from a busted pipe or washing machine that decided it had enough, basement floods can be serious problems if not dealt with quickly. While many people try to cleanup basement floods on their own, when water is standing in your home, it’s best to call professional help. Only a certified flood damage restoration company has the equipment, resources, skills and ability to truly dryout and restore your property so that you want face any bigger problems down the road.


How the basement flood cleanup process works:


Step 1 – Stop the source of the flooding.  Hopefully this is something you can do on your own.  If it’s a toilet, there are shut off valves behind the unit you can turn off.  If it’s a washing machine, there should be shut-offs feeding it as well.  Worst case scenario, simply turn off the home’s main water supply.

Step 2 – Locate all water in the basement.  Most people think that all water is visible, whether it’s standing on the floor, soaking the walls, or your basement bathroom or wet bar.  Unfortunately that is not the case.  In fact, there’s a significant amount of water that can not be seen without specialized equipment that uses infrared detection to measure moisture levels.


Step 3 – Extract Basement Water.  We use both portable and truck mounted equipment to extract basement water as well as remove water from wet carpets.  We even have systems known as weighted extraction tools that can extract water from your carpets as well as the carpet padding below.  Using this equipment, we can remove the overwhelming majority of moisture within minutes of getting to your home!

Step 4 – Drying & Dehumidifying.  We then place air movers throughout the basement to pass warm & dry air over the affected floors and walls.  If necessary, we make small holes to the walls (or cut sections out entirely) and run tube extensions that pass the air behind the walls to dry any affected drywall, studs and insulation.  This process can take any where from 1 day to several days, just depending on the amount of water in the basement, the conditions (humidity levels, temperature).  We test the moisture level in a dry area of your home and use that as a benchmark for determining when drying is complete for the basement.


Hopefully that gives you some sense for what we do and how we do it.  We would love the opportunity to help you cleanup basement flooding in your home and would be happy to come to your home and provide a no obligation, free estimate for any work you might need performed.  So please call us now and we’ll be on-site within the hour to get your back up and running!


San Diego basement floods are chaotic.  Walking into your basement to standing water can be a terrifying experience.  That’s why our San Diego CA flood damage experts are available at anytime day or night to help get your San Diego flooded basement dry again.

Our water damage restoration in San Diego crews are vetted to insure they are industry-certified and insured to provide proper basement flood mitigation services.  And each water extraction in San Diego CA crew stands behind its work with a full customer satisfaction guarantee.  If you have experienced a San Diego sewage back-up issue or your basement is flooded due to a pipe bursting or toilet overflowing, our water damage restoration crews in San Diego CA have the experience, knowledge & resources to get your property fully restored.

No matter what, you can rest easy knowing the San Diego basement flood crew that arrives can fully extract any water in your basement and dry out your San Diego property and its contents.  We are available 24/7 throughout the San Diego CA area for a rapid response and can quickly assess your damage and begin the water extraction and/or water damage restoration process.  Flooded basement in San Diego?  No problem, we’re to help!

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