Black Mold Removal

mold-inspectionMold and mildew aren’t just smelly and unsightly…there’s a serious health hazard.  In fact, it’s probably already the case you’re aware of the health implications of prolonged exposure to toxic black mold.  If you’ve experienced a water damage event or some other type of moisture event, you’re well aware at just how quickly mold can begin growing and take over your home.  Luckily, we offer professional mold remediation in San Diego guaranteed to make your property healthy and safe fast!


Toxic black mold is dangerous!


Mold-exposureThe more we learn about mold, the more we have to educate ourselves and our customers about the dangers it presents.  Living in a home with black mold damage can be a bad experience.  Often times people complain about constantly being sick, or coughing and wheezing, even vomiting.  Mold spores contain mycotoxins, which act as an immune system suppressor.  In other words, it can make you susceptible to virtually any bug or virus floating around.  You don’t build up a tolerance to mycotoxins…it just gets worse.


Professional remediation services fix the problem safely!


cautionIf you’ve been a San Diego mold removal contractor for any length of time, you’ve heard some wild stories about customers trying to do the work themselves or hiring a handyman to give it whirl.  The stories don’t have a happy ending.  Mold is an organic substance…it lives and grows and actually eats your home.  That’s right, it feeds off of your walls, floors, and any other organic substance it can get a hold of.  It’s not something you can just scrub away.  It takes a coordinated effort using certified techniques and advanced equipment.  And it requires that the mold remediation company that you hire pay strict attention to the safety requirements inherent in any mold job.


We remove mold damage the right way every time!


Getting rid of mold isn’t as simple as some internet articles would have you believe.  Given it’s organic nature, mold can be a stubborn opponent and one that can’t be taken lightly at any step of the process.


We employ certified mold remediation specialists.

CertificateIconIf you’re going to pay to have a mold remediation company do the work, shouldn’t you at least know that it is going to be done correctly.  Sadly, that’s not always a given.  In fact, some San Diego restoration companies don’t follow the right procedures, have the right equipment, or don’t have properly trained technicians.  Our technicians are certified mold removal specialists, so you know the job will be completely correctly!


We guarantee your property will be deemed safe.

satisfaction-guaranteeOne thing that you can count on once we’ve professionally cleaned up mold damage and disinfected your property is a clean bill of health.  We always recommend a third party environmental test at the completion of the project that will give you peace of mind knowing that we did our job properly and that you will be living in a mold-safe home once again.


Do you have visible black mold damage? Get a free quote!


If you think you might have mold, but you can’t see it, you’ll probably want to call an environmental hygienist.  They are the party responsible for taking air samples to give you conclusive evidence of whether or not your property has elevated mold spore levels.

Free_EstimatesBut if you know you have black mold, please call our San Diego mold removal company.  We are the party that would be responsible for getting rid of the mold and fixing whatever underlying issues have caused the mold to grow in the first place.  Our project estimator will be able to give you a very accurate picture of what it will cost to remove black mold so you can live in a safe and healthy home again!


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