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Extracting water from your home or office isn’t as simple as renting a wet vac and sucking up all of the water. While removing standing water is part of the solution, being able to identify all areas that have been soaked by water and applying the proper drying and remediation processes is the only way to ensure you don’t sustain greater damage and mold. We offer 24/7 emergency water removal services using industry-standard methods and state-of-art equipment!


How do you determine what areas have been affected by water?


The problem with DIY water extraction is that you’re only able to soak up the water that you see.  Many times, you’re not even aware of areas that have sustained water damage because you can’t see it.  Water can soak behind your walls and under your floors and create a breeding ground for mold while eating away at your home.

As you can see from the picture above, you’d probably have no idea you had an issue in that area of your home.  We use infrared equipment that is able to peer into your property’s walls and floors to detect moisture.  Only then do you know what you’re dealing with and what measures need to be taken to dry out your home properly.


Can you extract water from my carpets and save them?


It really depends upon the situation as there are many factors involved.  How long have the carpets sat soaked?  What type of water has soaked them?  If it’s clean drinking water that is one thing, if it’s sewage water or contaminated flood water, that is an entirely different thing.  That being said, we will do everything possible to save your carpets.  We have sophisticated water extraction equipment specifically designed from wet carpets.  It’s called a weighted extraction system and as you can see we walk through the affected area stepping on the system for 5-6 second intervals and allow it to soak up moisture from the carpet surface as well as below the surface in the padding and floor foundation.


How much does your water removal service cost?


Again this depends upon the situation, as it ultimately comes down to how much water needs to be extracted and how long the drying process will take.  The most important thing to know is that we use pricing guides approved by major insurers.  We don’t gouge you during your emergency, but rather punch into our system the extent of damage and it tells us the approved amount to charge so that there is never any issues when dealing with your adjuster during the claims process. But on average, water mitigation services cost $2,700.


How long does it take to remove water & dry out my property?


Again, it depends upon the extent of saturation, what items have been affected, etc.  Generally speaking, the dryout process can take anywhere between 1-4 days.  Of course, if sections of your walls or floors need to be replaced that will take additional time.


We offer free water extraction estimates!


So call us now and speak with a representative to discuss your water damage repair needs.  We’ll be able to get a truck to your home or office fast to provide a full estimate for any water extraction and structural drying services you might need.  The estimate is in writing so there are never any surprises once the project begins!

Watch the video below to see how we estimate water mitigation services! As you’ll see, we only use insurance-approved estimating software to generate a quote that won’t be denied by your insurer if you are planning on filing a claim!


What does the water cleanup process look like?


Mitigating water losses can be broken down into a couple of phases, each having several steps within them. In this video, we look at the common steps taken during the emergency water extraction process, including the drying and rebuild phases!


How long will the process take?


Out_of_date_clock_icon.svgIt’s impossible to say how your structure will react to the dryout process, or how much of the structure will need to be removed and replaced. That said, we do everything within our power to not tear out portions of your home and dry out the property as quickly. On average, the dry-out process takes about 3 days. If it is the case we need to remove portions of your drywall or floors or any other areas, the build back process can take a bit longer.


Crews are standing by to help you!

If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the San Diego area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

Call now for a free quote!


Proudly serving San Diego County


What about my wood floors?


injectidry-water-damage-wood-floor-systemIf you have wood floors, it’s not necessarily the case they will need to be torn out. If we can get there quickly after the loss occurs, our equipment can usually extract the moisture trapped within the planks as well as any moisture that has made its way into the subfloor. The process can be tedious, and some inexperienced companies may end up over-drying them which causes the planks to shrink and leaves large gaps between them. Ultimately, it’s time and money wasted as they will need to be replaced. At RestorationEze, there isn’t a wood floor type we haven’t dried! So call us and let’s see if our specialized equipment can get the moisture out effectively!


Insurance claims are a breeze with us!


insurance-claim-formMost sudden water losses are covered by insurance! Things like a pipe bursting, a washing machine supply hose disconnecting, a toilet clogging, and a water heater leaking are all considered sudden water loss events covered under standard insurance policies. Even accidents like leaving a sink or bathtub running is covered! That is why when people call us, they typically call upon their insurance company to cover the cost of our work.

If that is your case, we would be happy to work directly with your adjuster throughout the claim process!


Dealing with standing water in San Diego CA?  If so, you need a San Diego water extraction company you can trust.  While some contractors in the San Diego area claim to be water extraction & dryout specialists, many lack the training and certifications to get your San Diego property dried out the right way.  Our San Diego CA water extraction technicians use the latest equipment and are fully trained to handle any job!

Whether your San Diego CA home or office has experienced a sewage back-up or a massive pipe burst, we’re there when you need us.  Our San Diego dry out crews are available around the clock and can usually respond within 30 minutes to immediately begin getting your San Diego CA property dry.  We offer free estimates and can work with your insurance agent to put your San Diego water extraction problems behind!

So if you have water, act now and save yourself the trouble of even more problems down the road!  Call our San Diego water extracting pros today for fast, reliable, affordable service.

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