Ventura Flood Damage Restoration & Repair

Flooding DishwasherWhether it’s storm water from heavy rains or clean water from a busted pipe, flooding damage can happen quick and be ferocious.  The speed with which it happens and the devastation it causes can be overwhelming for many people.  We hope if there is one thing you take away from our site, it’s this:  affordable reliable flood mitigation services are available and getting that help is easier than you might suspect.  No matter how bad the situation is, we can handle it!


Emergency flood cleanup services in Ventura County California!


Out_of_date_clock_icon.svgHow do you know it’s an emergency?  Simple: if your property is wet, it’s an emergency.  Why?  While the amount of water might not be enough to ruin everything in your home, any amount of excess moisture means you will get black mold if it’s not dealt with immediately.   How long do you have until you get mold?  Anywhere between 24 and 72 hours.  So if you have any flooding damage in Ventura, you need an immediate response!


Why choose RestorationEze for your flood damage repair job?


As a consumer you have choices.  That means you do not need to use the restoration company your insurance adjuster refers you to.  And you always owe it to yourself to do your own due diligence before making a big decision: what flood restoration contractor to use?  Here’s some reasons we believe RestorationEze is the right choice for your flooding cleanup service needs:


We use Xactimate & always give you a free estimate!


Free_EstimatesXactimate is probably not something you’ve ever heard of, but in our industry it’s the program that keeps restoration contractors doing the work and insurance companies paying for the work on the same page.  When you get a free flood damage removal estimate from us, the quote is generated by Xactimate so you know that the price is calculated based on already established rates insurance companies will pay out for whatever water restoration services you may need!

Learn more about Xactimate…we think it’s important you have as much information as possible at your fingertips so that you can make the best decision for your needs.  And as part of that, we’ve created the video below to explain how we estimate flood extraction services using Xactimate.  We hope you find it helpful:


We screen our techs & insure they’re certified!


checklistWhen you invite a stranger into your property, surely you’d like to make sure they’re safe and that you don’t have anything to worry about letting them into your home or business. While that should always be the case, with some Ventura flood extraction contractors, vetting their employees isn’t even on their radar.  It’s sad because it puts you at needless risk.  And with RestorationEze, it’s not a risk we’re willing to take which is why all technicians must pass a background check and pass random drug tests!


Certified by the IICRC!

CertificateIconGetting and maintaining your water damage restoration certification by the IICRC isn’t a simple task.  It’s time intensive and it can be very expensive.  What do you think some water extraction companies in Ventura do when faced with the reality of spending a lot of money and losing their technicians for a time period while they do their certification?  Yep, some simply skip it.  That’s bad news for you!

All RestorationEze technicians must be fully certified by the IICRC!


What does certified flood removal service look like?


For most people, they’ve never even considered what it takes to get water out of a property and make sure it’s mold-free and clear of any excess moisture.  And while some sites list out the steps it takes, we think it helps if you can visually see what the process entails.  It’s why we’ve created the video below to explain the common efforts taken when a professional flood damage removal company is called to your home:


Always backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee!


satisfaction-guaranteeWhen you need a flood company, you really need peace of mind. You need to know that whoever you hire will do a great job, treat you and your home and its inhabitants with respect, and that they will go out of their way to help you through a traumatic experience. We understand how much faith and trust you are putting in us by allowing us to cleanup flooding in your home, and it’s something we hold very dearly. That is why we back all of the work performed with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee!


Let our team handle your insurance claim!


If you haven’t ever filed a flood damage claim with your insurer, the key thing to understand is the odds of a positive outcome for you go way up if you hire a certified water damage restoration company in Ventura that has spent years working with your insurance company. Beyond our emergency flood cleaning services, we also offer our customers insurance assistance and can even bill the insurer directly for settled claims!


Property flood repair in Ventura requires an immediate response. We have Ventura flood repair contractors available whenever you need help. We provide a 24/7 rapid response and free estimate for your Ventura flood cleaning service needs. Don’t worry, we’re here to help get your Ventura property repaired and restored fast!

Flood Restoration

If you live in Ventura and need emergency flood damage restoration services, please call us now. We specialize in providing a rapid response throughout Ventura for any and all flood restoration emergencies. So please call and allow us to provide a free no obligation estimate today!

Flood Repair

A fast response to any Ventura flood repair needs is a must! The longer your home or office sits damaged, the more costly any Ventura flood damage repairs will be. So if you live in the Ventura area and need help now, please call us for a free estimate. Our flood repair in Ventura experts are available 24/7!

Flood Cleaning

Each day, Ventura flood cleanup services are needed due to storms or appliance malfunctions. It’s why we have Ventura flood cleaning companies available around-the-clock to help you when you need it most. If your Ventura home or office requires professional cleanup flood help, please call us now for a free Ventura estimate!

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