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sewage-crawlspaceWe deal with sewage backups when they’ve made your property wet and left toxic waste exposed on your floors or in your walls.  Sewer lines can leak and send waste into your crawlspace, or they can back up sending human waste and feces throughout your bathrooms and into your hallways.  It’s not just a smelly mess, it can make you sick.  Very sick.  That’s why if you have sewage damage, you should always call a certified Ventura emergency restoration service to help you get the mess cleaned up!


Cleaning up sewer water should always be done by pros!


We don’t encourage people to handle any type of water damage on their own, but especially not sewage water.  If you’re at all considering rolling up your sleeves and getting to work, we hope you’ll re-consider and watch this video about the dangers of cleaning up raw sewage:


As you can see, sewage is a serious health risk and should only be dealt with by a professional Ventura sewage cleanup company like ourselves.  We have the resources and knowledge to safely clean up the mess and make sure your property is free of all harmful pathogens and safe to be in!


Not sure the cost?  We offer a free estimate!


Free_EstimatesIf you have a sewage water loss, we can provide you with a free estimate!  In order to give you an accurate estimate, our estimator will need to get onsite and determine the full extent of Ventura CA sewage damage and then measure the loss, spec the things that need to occur to mitigate the damage and clean the property.  Once complete, we can provide you with a written estimate for the damages and answer any questions you have about the procedure that lays ahead of you!

And best of all, our quotes are generated by Xactimate!  As the leading system used by both insurance adjusters and restoration companies, Xactimate ensures homeowners get a fair price by calculating any restoration work based on accepted rates (as set forth by the insurance companies themselves).  That means that whether or not your insurance company is paying for the service, you know the rate is based on accepted rates and not inflated based upon your situation.  Here’s how Xactimate works:


Never take chances when it comes to your property!


Deciding what sewage cleanup contractor to use is important, as the work performed can effect your health and can be expensive.  You need to know that the company you’ve hired is capable of following through on their commitment to you and that your property will be safe once they’re done.  You need to know that you’ll be happy.  Here’s just some of the things we do to make sure you get Ventura sewage damage removal service that exceeds your expectations:


All of our technicians are safe & drug-free.

checklistIf our job is to make sure your home is safe, it’s not a job we can do if our employees aren’t safe.  While we understand this, very few companies do.  We drug test technicians randomly, and before they are ever offered a job they must pass a nationwide background screening.  Our motto is simple when it comes to hiring technicians: if we wouldn’t want them in our home, they aren’t going to be in yours!


All of our technicians are certified.

CertificateIconDid you know that many water damage companies don’t employ technicians that are certified water damage restoration technicians?  It’s true, and it means too many homeowners are having work done by technicians that haven’t studied and are not current on the most current procedures & techniques within our industry.  All of our techs are fully certified so that you have peace of mind!


What else should I be worried about when it comes to a sewage backup?


mold-containmentThere are a number of things that can be problematic when it comes to sewage water in a home. While the initial threat comes in the form of the dangerous pathogens found in raw sewage, as with any water damage event, the most challenging aspect is preventing toxic mold growth. Given normal conditions, black mold needs about 72 hours to start growing out of control. Once present, the protocols we must put in place are much more extensive and much more expensive. Plus, while your sewage backup cleaning costs may be covered under your insurance policy, insurers can sometimes balk at the claim if they learn mold is present.


What steps can I take to prevent a sewage damage emergency?


We deal with sewer backups on an almost daily basis. What we’ve discovered over the course of dealing with all of these losses is that almost all of them didn’t need to happen. So we’re going to do something unheard of: explain how you can make sure you never need to use our sewage cleaning services again!


fats-oils-grease-clogging-restaurant-sewer-lineNever, ever pour grease or other cooking oils down your kitchen sink drain. This is the biggest single cause of sewage backups. People think that they can pour the grease down their drain as long as they turn the hot water on at the same time. Wrong! The second the hot grease hits the cold pipe in the ground, it hardens. Over time, it forms a complete blockage that will result in a backup situation and can potentially cost you tens of thousands of dollars in damages. A mason jar costs about one dollar…use it!


main-line-sewer-backupHave your line snaked once every couple of years. Even if you are doing everything possible to prevent a sewage backup due to things you pour down the drain or flush down the toilet, the reality is there are other things outside of your control that you must consider. Namely, tree roots growing into the pipes. Plumbers typically run specials for a main line sewer cleanout for under $100. Take advantage of these specials and sleep better knowing your main line is clear!


sewer-backwater-valveInstall a backflow prevention device. The last line of defense is a system that goes right outside where the pipe leaving your home attaches to the pipe the feeds into the sewer system. As the name indicates, it stops backflow. There are a variety of designs, but the premise is the same: when water begins flowing back up your pipe this device is alerted and creates a barrier to stop the water from continuing to come into your home!

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