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water-damage-cleanup-repairWhen water emergencies send moisture into your walls, floors, ceilings, or anywhere else, quick action by all involved is crucial.  As a homeowner, it’s your job to take care of your property, not your insurance adjusters.  When time matters, you need a water damage contractor that has the resources to respond to your call quickly.  At RestorationEze, we specialize in emergency water damage mitigation services throughout Ventura County for both residential and commercial buildings!

Call anytime for immediate assistance!


We cleanup water damaged properties fast!


Out_of_date_clock_icon.svgTick tock, tick tock, that’s the sounds of your property sustaining even more damage and it’s probably the sound of mold growing in your walls or subfloor…at least that’s the case if you wait.  We always advise you to immediately call us or another Ventura water restoration contractor if you have unwanted moisture in your property.  The sooner it’s inspected and the mitigation process begins, the better off you are!

We are available 24/7/365 & respond to your call immediately!


black-mold-2Why is speed so necessary when it comes to water damage? First, a wet structure is a dangerous structure. Walls can collapse and floors can cave in if the water weakens its structural integrity enough. But secondly, black mold will start damaging the wet surfaces within about 3 days after the water loss event happened. We always tell people to call for help the second they notice a moisture problem because if that moisture problem becomes a mold problem then the situation gets a lot worse. From a health perspective to a financial perspective, you never want to delay your response and end up with toxic mold in your home!


We use standard pricing & offer free quotes!


Free_EstimatesDid you know some water damage repair companies will charge you just to come out and provide an estimate for their services?  And others might offer a free quote, but they ballpark their estimates or use their own rates.  Not us.  We offer completely free in-home estimates that are generated using the industry’s trusted 3rd party estimating software, Xactimate.  We want to make sure you understand everything that has to be done, what it costs, and why.

It’s why we’ve created the video below:


As you can see, Xactimate makes sure your insurance adjuster agrees with the rates that are charged and that as a customer you get a fair price right out of the gate! If you choose to call another Ventura water restoration service and they come out and aren’t using Xactimate to quote your project, it should raise a very big red flag to you because the chances are they are a fly-by-night contractor masquerading as a competent water mitigation company.


Choose a water damage company serious about service!


CertificateIconGreat service isn’t an accident and it doesn’t have anything to do with luck.  It happens by being prepared to handle whatever your water damaged home might throw at us.  We believe that by focusing on our people, the process they use, and the equipment they employ, we separate ourselves from other water damage cleanup companies in Ventura.   How do we provide exceptional water damage restoration services?


We train, certify & pre-qualify our technicians


checklistWith other water mitigation services, it’s entirely possible the majority of the crew might not have much training at all, and certainly won’t be certified as water damage restoration technicians.  Even scarier, some may be drug-abusers, thieves, or felons.  Frightening!  But with us, you’re guaranteed to have safe, competent, friendly people in your home working on your property.  We make sure:

  • drug-free technicians
  • all technicians must pass a criminal background check
  • technicians must be certified by the IICRC


Watch our ‘Water Damage 101’ Video!


We call it our 101 video because it’s about the basics.  While each step varies, and there are many aspects of a job that can cause changes to our strategy, this video at least gives you an idea of how our Ventura water damage repair service works and how we go about making sure your home or office is dry and you’re able to be in with peace of mind. We hope you enjoy it!


Ways to prevent common causes of water damage


water-heater-corrosionHere are the most common reasons homes sustain water damage and what you can do to prevent them. Keep in mind, a water loss happens, on average, once every 11 years. So just because it’s already happened to you doesn’t mean it might not happen again!

Supply lines to plumbing fixtures – the ice machine in your fridge, the hoses running to your washing machine, and the supply lines running to your toilets and sinks are the most common plumbing fixtures to give way and cause sudden water damage. Check them twice a year for any signs of wear or corrosion and replace if necessary.

Water heater – most water heaters leak and cause flooding damage due to age and corrosion. It is recommended that you have your water heater inspected once a year by a plumber and that you drain and refill it once every 6 months.


Have you found yourself dealing with a Ventura water loss and aren’t sure where to turn?  We have Ventura restoration companies standing by that are fully insured, licensed, and certified to handle any Ventura water event you have.  We offer free estimates & rapid 24/7 response and can get your Ventura flood damaged property dry fast!


Water Damage Restoration

Water damage is a big deal, and the service of performing Ventura water damage restoration is truly a science.  It requires years of experience, sophisticated Ventura drying and remediation equipment, and a real understanding of the elements involved.


Water Damage Repair

If you need Ventura water damage repair services, chances are you’re dealing with an emergency.  We have been repairing water damage throughout Ventura for years, and have the ability to get your Ventura home or office fully restored quickly!


Water Damage Cleanup

We understand Ventura water damage can be scary.  That’s why our Ventura water damage cleanup services are turnkey.  From start to finish, our job is to get your Ventura water damaged property cleanup quickly and as painlessly as possible.


Here’s some recent projects we’ve successfully completed:


Lewis M. in Ventura, CA – Water heater leak caused water damage

Water heater busted and leaked water through the walls an onto the carpet.

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