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water-extraction-261x300Getting water out of your property isn’t as simple as using a wet vac and fans. It takes a host of equipment and years of experience to do it properly so your home or business doesn’t end up getting mold. Weekly, we’re called on to jobs where a restoration company didn’t properly mitigate a loss and the homeowner is left with an even bigger mess on their hands. Don’t let that situation happen to you. Make RestorationEze your first call. We offer professional water removal services in Ventura and can handle anything from one room that is wet to an entire commercial property that’s suffered flooding damage.


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Out_of_date_clock_icon.svgWe’ve spent years perfecting our craft.  While some water mitigation companies might advertise themselves as an emergency provider capable of responding to your call immediately, very few actually have the resources to make that happen.  We have crews on-call throughout Ventura County 24 hours a day and can dispatch the closest available crew within minutes of your call!


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Free_EstimatesDo you have a wet property?  If so, the first step should always be to call a certified water cleanup company in Ventura to provide a complete assessment of the water loss.  That means a technician will need to come to your property and measure the damage, take moisture readings, and determine the best mitigation plan to get the property fully dry. Once complete, we put your job’s parameters into Xactimate, which then calculates the cost of the work based on insurance reimbursement rates.

If you’d like to learn more about our rates, and how we go about determining what to charge for any water extraction service, watch the video below:


Want it done right?  Our water mitigation techs are certified!


checklistMany Ventura water extraction contractors hire shady characters and then don’t properly train them before they end up doing work for customers.  As you can imagine, that usually leads to some type of problem, whether it’s theft or poor water cleanup service.  At RestorationEze, we only work with water mitigation companies that perform complete background checks on candidates and random drug screenings on current employees.

And of course, each technician must complete and stay current on their water damage restoration technician certification!


Curious what the water mitigation process entails?


How do we get from where you are now to where your property was before it sustained water damage?  While it can seem like a huge task, and in most cases the process will take a few days, the steps of cleaning up water, drying out a property, and preventing mold damage, are fairly similar on any job.  Below is a video that shows you the 5 steps we typically take to get your home looking like new:


What about my insurance claim?


costs of restorationThe most common mistake a homeowner in your situation makes is to call their adjuster and wait for a claim number.  If it’s on the weekend, or they’re busy, you wait and you suffer.  Any time you have water in your property, the first step is to always call a professional Ventura County water cleanup company to stop the spread of the water and begin the mitigation process.  Period.

The insurance claim can be filed once work has begun, and at RestorationEze, we can work directly with your insurance company and make sure they have what they need from us to properly file your claim.

And best of all, we bill them, not you!


Are there things I should know about insurance claims?


insurance-claim-formWe’ve learned a lot over the years about insurance claims, and even insurers themselves are constantly changing their approach to water loss claims as the number of claims rise each year. But the biggest take away we’ve learned doesn’t have much to do with the insurance company, but rather the customer. Those customers that assume their insurer is going to take care of everything for them usually don’t get the outcome they expect or deserve. But those customers that take ownership of their loss and are proactive about getting the outcome they deserve are usually successful in that effort.

Insurers try to lessen claim amounts any way they can. Remember, our rates are standardized. So how can they get your claim to be less? Two ways:

1) get you to hire a company that has agreed to charge a lot less in exchange for the adjuster referring your business to them. We can’t say this enough: don’t hire they cheapest guy on the block. Especially if it’s emergency water mitigation services you are in need of, and doubly so if your insurance is paying for the loss!

2) assess the loss on their own and cut you a check for what they think the loss is worth. Guess what happens then? The water extraction company, who are the experts at actually doing the work, complete the required services and their bill is significantly higher than what your insurance cut a check for. Not good.


Make sure your water loss is handled correctly – call us!


contractor-customerWhether it’s making sure we are hiring great people, training them to be the best, or holding ourselves accountable to our work, we strive to make sure that every aspect of our service and our company exceeds your expectations. We would be honored to receive a call from you to discuss your issue. Whether it’s one room that has some wet carpet or your entire home is flooded, you always want to have a certified water restoration contractor survey the loss. At a minimum, you’ll know exactly what you are up against and have advice on how best to approach your situation.

Every flood loss is different, but one thing remains the same: our commitment to helping people that have endured a tragedy like flooding. Please call us now and let’s figure out the best way to make sure you get back up on your feet quickly and can move on with your life!

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