Carpet Drying Using a Weighted Water Extraction Tool

Posted by Matt Buchanan

If you’ve followed our blog for anytime at all, then you know the key to successful water removal services is acting quickly.  The longer water stands in your property, the more harm that is caused, the more damage is done, and the more likely mold is to grow.  And you would be shocked at how quickly mold can take hold!

One way to make the carpet drying process go faster is by using a weighted extraction system.  The water removal technician will essentially walk with the tool throughout the wet area and press the tool down into the carpet, where the extraction tool then begins sucking up any water through the vacuum the tool is attached to, including any water soaked into the carpet’s padding or underlay.

In most cases, a weighted extraction tool can remove 97% of any moisture in your carpets, giving you a BIG headstart in the water extraction process and helping ensure your wet carpets are dried more quickly.  Of course, once the extraction tool has been used, your water removal company will set air movers throughout the affected area but at least you’re that much closer to getting your property dry and your life back to normal!

Above is an illustration of the procedure used to extract water from wet carpets using a weighted tool.  As you can see, it can quickly cover quite a bit of ground as the tool will not just soak up the water directly under it but also the area around it, giving you a headstart in the carpet drying process!


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