Choosing a Water Damage Restoration Company

Posted by Matt Buchanan

Choosing the right water damage restoration company is extremely important.  If your loss occurred as a result of something malfunction within the walls of your home, this is typically covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy.  However, as you probably already know insurance companies aren’t too thrilled when they have to cover an expensive claim and will do everything in their power to find technicalities that release them from having to cover the costs of your water damage claim.

That’s where choosing the right water damage company comes in.  Reputable water damage restoration providers are insurance approved, meaning they have the qualifications and certifications to remediate any water damage properly and to the specifications required by homeowner’s insurance providers.  With standing water, many issues can arise in the future that once again might put the insurance company on the hook.  Mold growth is perhaps the most severe, but insurance companies make sure they check all of the boxes in terms of what the homeowner did/didn’t do along with the timeliness of those actions.

Which brings to mind another point: acting quickly is extremely important.  If you knowingly let water sit in your home or office for an extended amount of time, not only are you creating more problems for your property, you’re also increasing the size of the bill for the work that needs to be done and potentially jeopardizing the insurance claim.

So if you’ve had water damage, you need to act quickly and diligently.  Each of our crews is insurance approved and performs the water damage restoration process to industry-approved standards.  So call now!


We have emergency crews available nationwide!

If you’ve experienced a water loss, please call now for a free quote & fast response anywhere in the United States!



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