Choosing a Water Damage Restoration Service

Posted by Matt Buchanan

Between 2007 and 2009, homeowner policy property costs arising from water damage amounted to a staggering $9.1 billion dollars. This amounted to almost a quarter of all homeowner policy losses.

Choosing a water damage restoration companyExperts agree that damages can be drastically curtailed if water damage restoration services begin promptly. But with so many water restoration services out there, how do you know which one is the right one for you?

Here are some tips for choosing the right professional water removal service.

1. Choose water restoration services that are licensed and insured. A reputable water restoration service will employ technicians who are certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification or a similar professional organization.

2. Choose water damage restoration services that are able to provide local referrals. Word of mouth is still the most reliable marketing technique. If your friends and neighbors have been satisfied with the job a water damage restoration service has done for them, there’s a better chance that you’ll be satisfied with their work as well.

3. Choose water damage restoration services that will respond immediately when disaster strikes. The key to successful water damage remediation is fast response. Even an hour’s delay can increase flood-related devastation exponentially. Only deal with professionals who can arrive at your premises quickly.

Water damage restoration technician4. Choose a company that presents you with a contract that outlines the work that will be done and the prices that will be charged for that work before any work is started. Make sure you know the company’s pricing structure before you start working with them. Some water remediation companies charge by the hour for their services, while others charge a flat fee. Frequently, in the course of water damage repair, technicians will discover new work that needs to be done. But professionals will always get a sign off from the home or business owner before they begin that work.

5. Choose a water damage repair service that has experience working with insurance companies and knows how to expedite claims processing.

6. Always work with a company that uses the latest state of the art equipment for the water extraction, drying and dehumidification processes. This will minimize the time they spend on cleaning up your home, and ensure that it is done properly so that you are not confronted with additional costs for mold remediation down the line.

7. Choose water restoration services whose professional team treats you, your home and its contents with respect. When a flood emergency strikes, you are at your most vulnerable. You do not want to be surrounded by anyone who might take advantage of that fact.

Focus On Quality Rather Than Price

There’s no denying that water damage restoration services can be expensive. This is one time, however, when it is critically important to focus on quality rather than price. A qualified property damage restoration company will do the best work, saving you from having to spend additional money on expensive repairs down the road.


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