Colorado Springs CO Basement Flood Clean-up

Basement flooding damage can be a serious issue if not dealt with quickly. Water can invade every corner of your home and quickly begin eating away at your basement’s support structure, putting you and your family at risk. We’ve been offering Colorado Springs fast, reliable & affordable basement water extraction services for over 2 decades. So if you’ve had the misfortune of walking down to a basement in standing water, please give us a call now for a free estimate!


If your basement flooded we can be there in minutes to get it dry!


We can be there in minutes, not hours!  And when it comes to basement flooding damage, every second counts.  Some companies only have a couple of trucks and if those crews are busy, you’ll have to wait around until they’re done with the jobs they’re on.

But call us and we can immediately dispatch technicians to your home!


We’ll inspect the damage & give you a free estimate!


If you’re concerned about the cost of cleaning up basement flood damage, or aren’t sure whether or not you’ll be filing a claim with your insurance company, just let us give you a free quote!  It’s driven by insurance claims estimating software so you know it’s fair!

We always offer a free on-site assessment and upfront estimate!

Watch our video about the Xactimate estimating process so you can educate yourself about the costs of basement water cleanup services!


Choose a basement flood company that stands behind their work!


When faced with a water loss, you need assurances.  There’s a lot of uncertainty in that moment and we know how important it is that you know the work will be done correctly and that it will be done by a company that’s committed to being the best!

Choose us and we’ll guarantee your satisfaction AND back our service with a 1 year warranty!


Our technicians are certified so that your basement flood is mitigated properly!


Basement flooding is a serious situation that can become even more serious should the mitigation process not be dealt with properly.  There’s just too many things involved and steps that must be taken for the job to be done by someone that simply isn’t qualified.

It’s why our technicians are trained, certified & insured so that you know the work is being done correctly!


What does certified basement water mitigation services look like?


We’ve created this short video outlining the usual steps we take during the water damage cleanup process so that you can see what to expect.  On average, a basement flood job will take around 4 days to properly dry-out, but the video below should help you understand what you’re in for during that time period!


Crews are standing by to help you!

If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the Colorado Springs area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

Call now for a free quote!



We put together a comprehensive mitigation plan to get your basement clean & dry!


We don’t “wing it”…there’ simply too much at stake.  If it were our basement flooding, we’d want to know there’s an actionable plan to make sure everything is done quickly and correctly.  It’s why we always create a complete mitigation & drying plan once on-site.

When we get to work, you’ll notice our technicians taking a variety of readings throughout your basement, home and even outside.  The reason is because we need to know exactly what we’re looking at in terms of moisture content in your structure, ambient temperature & relative humidity readings, as well as the conditions within your basement.

These readings allow us to know what we’re working with and how receptive your home will be to the drying, evaporation & dehumidification process.  Ultimately it helps us know what equipment to use, how much equipment to use, and what we can expect in terms of dry time!


It means you wont have black mold when we get done!


mold-free-guaranteeLet’s face it you just want your property to look like it did before your basement flooded. But hire the wrong restoration company and you could end up with even larger problems than you already have.  Namely, you could end up with toxic mold damage. We see it often, a company comes in and does a poor job mitigating the basement and the homeowner starts smelling a musty odor and seeing signs of black mold.

Guess what? At that point your insurance company has probably already paid out on the claim and they don’t cover mold.  So not only are you potentially exposed to very harmful mold spores, you are on your own when it comes to paying for the mold remediation process.

At RestorationEze, you get a mold-free guarantee, meaning your property will pass any 3rd party environmental testing you’d like to have performed!


Is your finished or unfinished basement flooded?  If so, you need professional flood damage & water extraction services in Colorado Springs.  We offer day & night water mitigation & dryout services and can quickly and affordably get your basement back to normal.  In fact, we focus on responding quickly and always bring every piece of equipment we might need so that we can get to work on the spot!

A flooded basement in Colorado Springs means you’ve got a problem.  The longer the water is in your home or office, the more water damage that can occur.  Our Colorado Springs water damage restoration team can arrive within minutes of your call to begin the water extraction process.  We use the best vacuuming systems and industrial strength drying equipment in so that you can feel confident the water is gone for good.  Not only that, but our crews also utilize mold prevention techniques to ensure your basement flood doesn’t result in a mold problem.

So if you are dealing with a flooded basement, please call us now and we can dispatch a crew to help get you back to normal fast!

Here’s some recent projects we’ve successfully completed:


Tracy S. in Colorado Springs, CO – Basement dry-out service

Basement walls and foundation were leaking and basement carpets were wet creating a bacteria-like smell throughout the house.

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