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Getting water out of your home is only the first step in a complex process to dry out your home so that you don’t end up with mold and structural problems. Fully mitigating your water loss requires in-depth knowledge of temperature, relative humidity, and moisture content as well as mastering a variety of equipment used during the process. If you need professional water removal service, we hope you’ll give us a call for an immediate response & a free on-site estimate!


We specialize in 24/7 emergency water mitigation services!


The goal of mitigating water losses is to dry out the structure entirely without having to do any reconstruction work on your home.  While that’s not always possible depending on the classification of the loss, in many cases we can dry things out without having to tear anything out!

But it all starts with a fast response so call us now and we’ll dispatch a crew immediately!


We provide a free estimate for any water cleanup & drying service you need!


We have people call all the time hoping to get a ballpark estimate over the phone but it’s impossible to give any dollar amount of value without seeing the scope of flooding.  That’s why we always come to your home or place of business to fully survey the damage and detail our mitigation plan.

We can then offer you a free estimate to cleanup the water & dryout your property!

What good is a free estimate if the price isn’t right? It’s a great question and one we hope you ask yourself. Here’s our answer: we estimate the water extraction service & dry-out (and rebuild for that matter) using the same prices (and in fact the same software) that your insurance adjuster will use when estimating the loss. Watch this video to see how Xactimate works and how you’re guaranteed a fair price should you choose us!


We offer the best warranties in the business!


When it comes to having the peace of mind knowing you’ve chosen the right Colorado Springs water removal company, no one provides more protection than us.  We aim to make sure the process goes smoothly and that work is done right.  In fact, we guarantee it!

We give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee & 1 year warranty!


How can we be so confident about our water cleanup services?


checklistBecause we hire the best people available for the job and spend great resources making sure they’re equipped to handle whatever is put in front of them. Our technicians understand every fact of the water mitigation process, and in fact are all fully certified by the Clean Trust. That means they not only have the right amount of experience, but they’re students of the industry and understand the science behind water damage and mold as well as how to properly use the equipment they have on their trucks.

Wondering what our emergency water extraction services entail? Watch the video below:


Crews are standing by to help you!

If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the Colorado Springs area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

Call now for a free quote!



Want us to bill your insurance directly?  No problem!


No matter what insurance company holds your homeowners policy, we can work directly with them to handle your water loss.  We are always happy to assist you through the claims process and work on behalf of our customers each day to make that process go smoothly.

Whether you would like help in getting your reimbursement quickly or you want us to bill directly to your insurance adjuster, we’re happy to do so!


How are water mitigation claims usually handled?


insurance-claim-formClaims can be tricky. Insurers don’t always have the best interest of their customers at heart, and if you hire the wrong water damage company in Colorado Springs they could try and rip off your insurer and you could end up on the hook for any amount your insurer won’t pay. So how can you make sure your claim is handled properly? In short, take control. That means…

() run point on hiring the water removal contractor you feel most comfortable with and that you feel will be able to do the job best. Your insurer will suggest you use a certain company because that company has wined and dined your adjuster and promised to reduce the cost of any work they send their way. Be weary of that situation…sometimes that restoration company views the insurer as their customer and not you!

() document everything and keep receipts for anything that you need to purchase when dealing with the flooding.

() hire a company that is well-versed in using Xactimate and dealing with insurance losses. There are plenty companies out there that will try and win your business, but if they aren’t a certified water mitigation company and they don’t use the proper pricing models and speak the insurance lingo, your outcome will be in doubt!

We offer reliable, affordable Colorado Springs water extraction services.  Our water mitigation and basement flood cleanup crews can be at your home or office very shortly after you call.  We specialize in providing emergency water extraction and complete drying services and utilize the best equipment and most up-to-date techniques within the industry.

That means that when you call our water damage restoration company, you can bank on getting your property fully dried out and restored.  In fact, each of our flood damage technicians stand behind their work with a full one year warranty on work.  And each offers a free estimate for your water removal needs!  So if you’re not sure what to do, and meanwhile you have standing water in your property, please know that acting fast is the most important thing.

Call us now and speak to a live Colorado Springs water cleanup expert that can be at your property fast to help get the water out of your home and help get your life back to normal.  So call today for a free water damage or extraction estimate!

Here’s some recent projects we’ve successfully completed:


Jeremy O. in Colorado Springs, CO – Water extraction due to pipe break

Pipe burst above toilet in the top floor of the home causing three levels of the home to get damaged, including the first floor and basement. Customer needed immediate water removal services and water damage restoration services.

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