How much does it cost to restore a flood damaged property?

Posted by Matt Buchanan

There are so many issues involved in remediating flood damage that it’s impossible to estimate a “typical” cost for water damage clean up services.

Some flood remediation services will charge you an hourly rate, while others will quote a flat rate for the entire clean-up cost. Depending on the size of the flood, flat rates are usually cheaper.

The cost of services will depend upon a number of different factors including:

• The size of the affected area.

• The amount of resting water that needs to be extracted. The more water that needs to be extracted, the higher the price.

Flood Damage Restoration Cost• The type of water that needs to be extracted. Clean water, such as water from a tap that’s been left on too long, doesn’t pose any kind of health hazards to the flood restoration team. Grey water is the term used for dishwasher, washing machine or other appliance discharge that contains chemical or biological pollutants presenting a potential health hazard for individuals who come into contact with it. Finally, black water is the term used for sewage and outdoor floodwater. Black water is completely unsanitary and may be highly toxic. Clean water poses the least expensive flood remediation; black water poses the most expensive.

Other factors that will affect the price of the clean up include the extent of the damage within the affected area, and the type of materials that were damaged by flooding. Wood and concrete floors, for example, each pose their own unique challenges.  The cost can also vary depending on where you are in the country…for instance, Chicago flood damage restoration may be pricier than having those same services performed in Toledo, OH.

Generally speaking, the costs for simply extracting water can range anywhere between $3-$7 per square foot (which usually includes applying a anti-microbial spray to prevent future mold growth).  However, the price will go up from there assuming there is structural damage to the property that will require full restoration services.

Will Insurance Companies Cover the Cost of Flood Remediation?

If a homeowner or business owner carries flood insurance coverage, then the insurance companies will pay for the damages caused by flooding and for flood remediation services beyond the amount of the deductible. However, insurance companies generally will not cover damages if they arise from negligence on the part of the homeowner or members of his or her household.

Should I Hire a Professional or Should I Do It Myself?

A professional flood damage remediation team will always do a better job than you can in cleaning up your flood-damaged premises.

In situations where your home has been flooded with sewer water or other significantly contaminated water, homeowners should never try to mitigate the damage on their own.

In certain other situations, however, they may have more leeway. In cases where flooding has significantly damaged a carpet, for example, the cost of flood remediation may be greater than the cost of replacing the carpet. In this situation, the most practical solution is to buy a new floor covering.

Small spills of a gallon of fluid or less can also be dealt with by using a fan and a shop vacuum. Remember, though, that it only takes a very small amount of water underneath a wood or tile floor to cause that floor to buckle. Flood remediation may seem expensive, until you compare it to the cost of the structural overhauls and mold removal you’re saving down the road.


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