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flood-damage-companySewer back-ups can happen for any number of reasons. Sewer lines can clog or completely collapse, and in some cases, the city sewer line can become flooded and push sewage back up into your home or business. No matter the reason, if you have raw sewage, you’re looking at a very severe problem and health issue. Sewage can make you very sick and you should always call a professional mitigation company if you need it cleaned up. We offer 24/7 sewage removal services and a free quote, so please give us a call!


Know what you are up against with raw sewage!


cautionBecause we see the effects of water damage on a daily basis, we consider any type of water loss to be an emergency. But that is especially true when it comes to raw sewage. Classified as a black water category loss due to its ability to cause disease and infection, sewage water can make you very sick and can even transmit diseases through the air. For this reason alone, we could never recommend that you attempt the mitigation process on your own. If you are considering doing some research online and trying to cleanup sewage yourself, we hope you will watch the video below and reconsider your options!


Important factors for you to consider…


If you’re in need of emergency restoration services, it can be very stressful.  While some services allow you the ability to take your time & shop around, removing sewage and disinfecting your property must occur immediately.  Here’s some things we encourage you to consider if you find yourself in a pickle!


Can the company respond immediately to my call?


24-7-emergency-serviceBelieve it or not, many restoration companies can not respond to your call.  Whether they simply don’t answer it, or they’re busy assisting other customers, you don’t have time to leave a message or ‘wait in line’.  Your situation is an emergency, make no mistake about it.  So we always make sure to respond accordingly!

We offer 24/7 emergency sewage extraction services!


Do they offer fair, industry-standard pricing?


photo_free_estimatesSome companies that aren’t full-time restoration providers price their mitigation work on a whim.  Any reputable flood cleanup company should be using Xactimate to price their work.  It’s the universally approved estimating software of the insurance industry and ensure you’re getting a fair price for service.

We give free quotes using Xactimate!


XactimateThe Xactimate system for estimating sewage damage cleanup services is great for you, great for us, and great for your insurance company (assuming you are going to file a claim). Why? Because the pricing is totally transparent and conforms to industry standard costs. What do we mean by that? Because a high percentage of our work is paid by insurers, they have actually worked together (with service providers in our industry) to set standard prices for any and every service we might offer, product we might install, or piece of equipment we may use. Still not sure how all this works? Watch our video below:


Do they stand behind their work?


satisfaction-guaranteeThe restoration industries dirty little secret is that there are too many providers out there that couldn’t care less about the quality of their service.  Why?  They get paid by the insurance companies, so while they’re servicing you, they don’t consider you the customer.  That can spell disaster for you and your property!

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our work!


Are they even certified to do the work?


CertificateIconIn the restoration industry, the IICRC is considered the certification body that outlines the proper procedures for every type of water loss there is and they hold training and certification programs across the country.  Sadly, a hefty percentage of field technicians out there today aren’t even certified restoration professionals.

Make sure the company is IICRC certified!


Do they have the proper systems and safety gear?


checklistSewer water is known to have nasty contaminants and disease causing pathogens that can cause you to contract viruses & bacteria that make you very sick.  Both airborne and skin contact pathogens mean every precaution must be taken by the professionals tasked with cleaning it up, and that means lots of equipment!

We’ve got everything necessary to safely restore your property!


Sewage backup prevention tips


If you have experienced a sewage backup, it’s possible that you could suffer another one in the future. They can happen for a number of reasons, but what have found is that most sewer losses could have been prevented. We’ll discuss the 2 main causes and what you can do to limit the risks of them happening to you!


fats-oils-grease-clogging-restaurant-sewer-lineMain line sewer pipe gets clogged and causes a backup – you have one pipe leaving your home that is supposed to carry all of the water and waste to the street level sewage pipe. It’s got a big job, but unfortunately people’s habits make that job difficult some times. What are we talking about? Pouring grease and cooking oils down their drain. This is the number one cause of sewer backups in Danbury. The oil will harden in the pipe and cause a complete blockage, at which point whatever water you are trying to get out of your house is going to end up spilling into it.


overflowing-toiletRainfall causes a sewage overflow – if it’s pouring rain outside and you just discovered sewage water spilling out of your basement toilet and into your basement, this is most likely the cause. What happens is all of the water passing through the city’s main sewer pipe causes the water to find another way out of the pipe. That pathway is unfortunately up your home’s pipe that is tied into the sewer line. How do you stop it? Install one of these!


If you’re in need of emergency sewage back-up service in Danbury CT, you’re in the right place.  With 1 call, our Danbury water damage restoration crews can be at your door to help get a messy situation cleaned up.  Sewer back-ups can be a nasty situation, and for your Danbury home or office, they can get worse if not dealt with immediately.

That’s why we specialize in providing immediate Danbury CT sewer back-up services day or night.  Whether it’s a basement flood with waste-water or some other Danbury flood damage event, you need expert help.  We have the resources and appropriate skills to ensure the water extraction process is done correctly.  If you need professional sewer back-up service, call the best in Danbury!

We’re here when you need us, ready to ensure your Danbury CT water extraction process goes smoothly and that your home or office is dried out and cleaned up for good!  Each of our Danbury water damage restoration crews offers free estimates on your backed-up sewer cleanup service so there is no obligation.

So call us today if you need expert sewage back-up cleaning service for your Danbury residential or commercial property!

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