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flood-damage-companySome water damage services describe themselves as offering emergency service but when you call they either don’t answer or their technicians are on other jobs and you’ll have to wait in line. Sadly that isn’t an option for you if your home or building has sustained water damage. It’s why we always respond to your call immediately and can provide a free estimate upfront for any water damage restoration services you might need!


Emergency water damage help whenever it’s needed!


24-7-emergency-serviceWhen you need flood cleanup services, the reality is you’re not in a position to wait around for help.  Minutes and seconds truly do count, and the best defense against structural damage or even black mold is moving quickly to get the problem fixed.  We provide fast, reliable services whenever they might be needed!

Don’t wait around while your home is damaged – call now!


black-mold-2How fast does your water damage emergency become a black mold nightmare? It varies, but you can usually expect mold to form around the 72 hour threshold. The aggressiveness of black mold complicates things because that is actually the average amount of time required to dry out a property and thus permanently prevent mold’s growth. So even if we arrive the second your home suffers water damage, preventing mold is a challenge. Wait a couple of days and becomes virtually impossible to keep it from growing.


Call now for an on-site free quote!


photo_free_estimatesGetting an upfront estimate to have any water damage cleanup services performed is simple.  Just give us a call and a lead field technician and crew will come to your home to inspect the amount of water and damage and then lay out the proper mitigation plan.  We can then provide a cost estimate for you!

It’s simple and the quote is always free!


XactimateEven better than a no-cost estimate is knowing that the price we give you is created using the same pricing software that your insurance adjuster will use. If you call another water restoration service in Danbury and they aren’t using Xactimate, then you know they aren’t the right answer. We always use Xactimate so that our customers know the price they are being quoted is fair and so that they have peace of mind when it comes to their insurance claim. Adjusters love us too because everybody is always on the same page when it comes to the cost of the claim.

Want to learn more how we quote our services? Please watch the short video we made below:


Call & it will be done right – guaranteed!


satisfaction-guaranteeYou need to act quickly and make a decision on which water damage company to use, but with that comes fear that you might make the wrong choice and end up with bad service.  Sadly it happens.  But choose us and then sit back and relax because we guarantee the work will be done to your complete satisfaction!

100% satisfaction for all work completed!


We find and dry out all excess moisture!


Flood Damage Moisture TestThe biggest issue facing any Danbury restoration company is finding the moisture.  In many cases, the actual homeowner will try to cleanup and dry out the moisture themselves which can be a disaster.

The reality is that a lot of moisture is impossible to spot with moisture probes or thermal imaging.  What might look like a dry wall to the naked eye could be dangerously wet.  When portions of your property sustain excess levels of moisture that go unnoticed and unattended to, there are 2 major issues that can and probably will arise:


ceiling water damageStructural Damage

The supporting structures of your home (walls, floors, ceilings, etc) are not intended to be wet.  Water acts as a deteriorating agent that can slowly eat away at the integrity of your structure to the point where it can collapse.  In other words, you could end up in a dangerous predicament with areas of your home or business literally falling in on itself.


black-moldBlack Mold Infestation

It’s a ferocious enemy and something that can cause real problems for you and your family.  Black mold can grow in the right environment, and it can grow quickly.  If you have moisture in your walls, it’s a breeding ground for mold spores.  We employ various anti-mold techniques to stop mold before it begins to spread!  Cleaning up water damage professionally is a fraction of the cost of remediating black mold!


Want to make sure the work is done right? Whoever you hire, make sure their technicians are fully certified by the IICRC as water damage restoration technicians. It can mean the difference between someone doing the work right or someone making a bad situation worse. To see what certified water damage cleanup service looks like, please watch the video below:


Experiencing a water or flood event in your Danbury CT can be a very traumatic experience.  Standing water is every property owners worst nightmare, but luckily it’s something we handle on a daily basis.  Our Danbury water damage repair professionals have the skills, resources, and experience to make sure your property is dried out and restored to its original state.  From the first call through the final walkthrough of your property, our goal is the same:  provide you peace of mind by offering the best service possible.

We’ll be there immediately, whether you call in the middle of the night, during the day, or on the weekend.  Our Danbury CT water restoration crew can immediately begin extracting any water, whether it’s from an overflowing toilet, malfunctioning water, or busted pipe, so that any contents can be salvaged.  We also offer pack-out and mold prevention services to help get your property back to normal and make sure it stays that way!  We’re here to help get your life back to normal, and we have years of experience making that happen.

So call us today and one of our licensed, insured water restoration technicians will arrive at your property quickly to offer a free estimate for any work that might be required.  We can even work with your insurance adjuster to handle the claims process and directly bill your homeowners insurance provider.  Fast, reliable & honest water damage and flood clean-up extraction services are just a phone call away!

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