Hartford CT Basement Flood Clean-up

flood-damage-companySometimes water slowly seeps into basements through the walls and foundations, and other times the flooding happens quickly from a busted pipe or sump pump failure. But regardless of how it happens, getting excess water & moisture out quickly is crucial to ensure your property is safe. We specialize in emergency basement water extraction & drying services and can quickly respond to your call throughout the Hartford area. So if you need help you can trust, please call us now for a fast response & free onsite estimate!


Water in basement?  Call now for fast help!


24-7-emergency-serviceWet basements are no match for our rapid water removal & drying services.  As an emergency restoration company in Hartford, we’re geared to move quick.  That means immediately dispatching help and making sure we have all the equipment necessary to quickly get your basement dry and clean!

Don’t wait around for help…just call and it’s done!


We provide free basement water removal quotes!


photo_free_estimatesIf you’re wondering what it’s going to cost to cleanup water damage in your basement, just give us a call!  We always offer a free estimate!  It’s simple, just give us a call, and we’ll dispatch a tech to survey your basement flooding who can then provide a complete mitigation plan along with a price quote for the work!

We always provide free estimates for your flooded basement!

Never get tripped up when getting the right price to cleanup flooding in your basement. With us, the process is straightforward, transparent, and designed to make sure the price quoted conforms to industry standard pricing. Watch this video to see how it works:


We get out all the moisture – not just the water you can see!


In many cases, you can see the moisture.  Perhaps you have an unfinished basement and can see moisture on the concrete walls.  Or perhaps you have carpeting in your basements that is soaked with water.  Certainly that’s something that must be addressed, but the real danger is the moisture that isn’t visible.

Take a look at the image below:


Let’s assume this was your bathroom in your basement and that there was some standing water in there that you were able to get out.  Chances are, you’d pat yourself on the back and think you dodged a bullet.  Sadly, you’d be wrong.  As you can see through thermal imaging, this is a wall that is in trouble.

Our job is not only to extract basement water that is visible, but most importantly it’s to find that moisture that isn’t visible but that still presents a huge danger to you and your property.  If this wall were not properly treated, it would end with toxic black mold and potentially could collapse.

Don’t try cleaning up basement flooding yourself…call the pros!

When it comes to finding the moisture in your wet basement, extracting it safely, and ensuring you don’t get mold, the process is tricky and even professionals occasionally make mistakes. It’s just not something you should do on your own. Watch this video to see how we mitigate water damage and make sure your property is restored to its pre-loss condition!


We guarantee all of our basement flood repair services!


satisfaction-guaranteeIf your Hartford basement flooded, you need assurances and you need restoration services guaranteed to get the job done right.  And if you call us, that’s what you’ll get.  We guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with any and all basement flooding restoration work any of our technicians perform.

Don’t pick the wrong company!  We stand behind our work!


How can I keep my basement from flooding?


There are a number of things you can do to significantly reduce the odds you end up with water in your basement. While there is no foolproof recipe, the majority of Hartford flooded basement cleanup services we perform are caused by one or more of the following problems:


Bad gutters or no downspouts

bad-guttersThis is the simplest thing you can do, and it’s the cause of the most basement water damage we see. We pull up and the cause is obvious: the gutters aren’t doing their job and moving the rain water hitting the roof away from the house. If you have to, call a gutter repair company to fix any areas where water is dripping off the gutters and pooling next to the house. If your lot has trees, every few months you need to clean the gutters out!

Poorly sloped lawns

If your gutters are working but your lawn slopes back towards your house, the water will pool next to your foundation and flow through your basement walls after some time. Make sure the lawn is sloped towards the street so water flows into storm drainage systems like it’s meant to do!

Malfunctioning sump pumps

Too many times, basement sump pumps fail when you need them the most. If yours hasn’t been put to the test in some time, fill the basin with water and make sure it works properly. If not, call a plumber to troubleshoot the issue. It may cost you $100 or so, but that’s peanuts compared to the cost of cleaning up water damage in your basement!

Basement floods occur each day in Hartford CT.  That’s why we’re here, to help with any Hartford water extraction or restoration services you might need.  With just one call, we can dispatch the closest Hartford CT flood damage crew to immediately begin drying out your flooded basement.  Whether you’ve experienced a sump pump failure and your have Hartford sewage back-up, or your Hartford basement flood was caused by heavy rains, we can help.


Hartford CT basements floods will cause more damage the longer you wait to get the water out of your Hartford property.  That’s why our water damage restoration crews are available any time that you might need them and will arrive with a fully stocked truck!  Each Hartford crew has the right equipment and is completely certified to handle every aspect of the water extraction process.  Flood damage in Hartford is scary, but when you call us, you’ll know you’re calling a company that will stand behind their work and do things the right way.  So call one of our Hartford CT water damage restoration technicians now for a free cost quote for any issue you have with your basement flood!

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