New Haven CT Flood Damage Restoration

flood-damage-companyIt’s a terrible feeling and can seem like the end. Watching your home and the things you cherish get soaked. We understand the pain and trauma it can cause and we’re here to let you know that it’s temporary. We can get your flood damaged home or commercial office quickly dried out and restored and can help you through the entire process. We’ve been helping people in your situation on a daily basis for over 20 years, so please call us now if you need a professional flood restoration company that you can trust!


Call for emergency flood cleanup services – 24/7 response!


Out_of_date_clock_icon.svgFlooding can happen quickly.  It doesn’t take long for an overflowing toilet or bathtub or a bursted pipe to send water streaming onto your floors, down your walls and ceilings and into your basement.  We see it all the time, and what we remind customers is that acting quickly to mitigate the loss and contain the water damage will make the cleanup process faster and less intrusive.

It’s why we are committed to making sure your call is always live answered and that we can be onsite within 1 hour and usually much quicker!


All contractors are licensed, insured & bonded!


checklistOur role as flood mitigation contractors is to provide a service that ensures your safety.  In our mind, none of that is possible if we can’t at least provide the basic assurance that it’s safe for us to be in your property.  But with some New Haven flood cleanup companies, they don’t even have insurance.  That puts you at risk should an employee drop a piece of equipment.  At the precise moment you’re at your most vulnerable, shouldn’t you expect the company that is helping you can provide for your safety?

Our technicians are fully licensed, insured & bonded for your protection!


Have faith that our price is fair and reasonable!


Free_EstimatesOne thing we try to make easy and guesswork free is knowing whether or not you’re being offered a fair cost to cleanup flood damage from your home or business.  And to help make sure you know the free estimate we are providing is fair, we always use the same estimating software that your insurer does to calculate our fees.  Here’s a quick video explaining how we determine what to charge!


All New Haven flood services are guaranteed!


satisfaction-guaranteeIt’s our responsibility to get your life and home back to normal as fast as we can but to do the job right.  We know that if we try and cut corners or don’t follow the right protocols, at the end of the day it’s jeopardizing your safety and the long term health of your home.  It’s why we back the work we do with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Once we’ve completed the flood damage restoration work, we don’t leave until you’ve signed a document informing us that you’re completely happy!

We deal with New Haven CT flood damage each day.  Unfortunately it’s a reality living and working in New Haven.  Whether from hard rainstorms or simply the product of water heaters or toilets gone bad, New Haven CT basement floods happen. But when they do, our New Haven water extraction profesisonal crews are ready to help.

It’s an emotional event that can cause much stress and unfortunately dealing the insurance company can only make matters worse.  Luckily, our New Haven CT flood damage teams are insurance approved and can handle the messy claims process!  Our focus is on making it as easy on you as possible.  That means explaining your New Haven flood damage options, providing a free water extraction or water damage restoration estimate, and handling the entire process.  New Haven CT water extraction crews only use the best equipment and are fully trained to handle even the worst New Haven sewage back-up issues.

Our New Haven restoration professionals are standing by 24 hrs/day and 7 days/week to help you!  Call today and speak with a live New Haven representative regarding your residential or commercial flood damage event and get a free estimate for any New Haven CT dryout or restoration services you might need!

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