New Haven CT Sewage Cleanup

sewage-crawlspaceWhen a sewer backs up it presents a dangerous situation because it can not only cause damage that makes your home more prone to collapse but also releases harmful pathogens into the air that can make you sick. Within the restoration industry, any contractor will tell you that a sewage back-up is something that should always be cleaned up by professionals. If you need fast, reliable sewage cleanup in New Haven County, please call us now for a free estimate and service backed by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee!


Knowing what to do when a sewer backs up is key!


Sometimes people panic when they see refuse damaging their home or business and aren’t quite sure what to do about it.  Some folks roll up their sleeves and try to clean things up, others call their insurance company and wait for them to do something.

Free_EstimatesSadly, these actions can prove costly.  If you have a New Haven sewage back-up, the first step is to always call a professional sewage cleanup company to get a free in-home assessment and estimate.  A certified technician can examine the loss and determine exactly how much damage has been done, what items can be salvaged and what will need to be replaced, and provide a complete sewage damage mitigation plan.

Call us now and we would be happy to immediately dispatch the closest estimator in your area to provide you with a free in-home consultation and price estimate!


You’re assured a fair price every time – here’s how!


You don’t need to stress about whether or not the cost of cleaning up sewage is fair if you call us.  We use the same system to calculate the price as your adjuster uses to determine what they’ll reimburse.  It’s an impartial 3rd party system that guarantees the right price.  Here’s how our pricing works:


Call us for certified, insured & bonded sewage extraction technicians!


You definitely don’t want someone in your home providing sewage removal services that doesn’t have the proper training and the proper insurance to be in there.  It’s a dangerous job, so you need to know that the contractor you have hired has the proper insurance to protect you should something go wrong.

CertificateIconAll of our technicians are fully insured and bonded.  But not only that, we spend the resources necessary to make sure they understand every aspect of the sewage mitigation process.  We certify our technicians and make sure they remain current on all proper training and credentials!

Licensed, insured & certified service every time!


Satisfaction guaranteed on all services!


satisfaction-guaranteeWhen you’re facing a backed-up sewer line and you see that mess it’s made of your property, it’s difficult to envision it ever getting back to normal.  But that’s our job.  Once we leave, our goal is to make sure that your home or business is in even better shape than we found it.  And along the way, our job is to make sure you’re completely satisfied with everything we’ve done.

It’s why we guarantee your satisfaction on all sewage backup cleaning services!


Sewage back-ups in New Haven CT require an immediate response.  The longer wastewater sits in your flooded basement, the more damage is done to your New Haven home or office.  We understand the issues involved and our New Haven flood damage crews have the resource to handle your emergency quickly and properly and make sure that our technicians follow the proper procedures from start to finish.

Not all restoration companies are the same…it’s important to use a certified New Haven water damage restoration company that specializes in sewage back-up cleanouts.  That’s us: we have the resources, experience & personnel to properly mitigate your New Haven CT flood damaged property.  Our promise to you is simple: our water extraction service in New Haven will offer the highest level of professional service and make the New Haven sewage back-up cleanup process as painfree as possible.  So call us today for a rapid response and free estimate!

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