New Haven CT Water Damage Restoration

flood-damage-companyProfessional water damage repair services are a phone call away. With one call, you can begin the process of getting your life back in order. And you don’t need to call your adjuster and wait around for a claim number before calling us…that only leads to more water damage. Call us now and a crew can be dispatched and on-site at your residential or commercial property within minutes to provide you with a free, no obligation water damage estimate!


Emergency water restoration services in New Haven County!


How do you know who to call?  Whether the work will be done quickly?  Will it be done correctly?  Will my insurance cover it?  We make all of that easy be being a one-stop shop for customers that have suffered from a flood event.  Here’s just some of the things customers have come to expect from us:


Free_EstimatesA free estimate – upfront and written and fair!

Water damage restoration isn’t a service you really need to shop around for.  For starters, waiting to have the work done means more damage.  Secondly, cost estimates are standard across the industry.  Because our work is usually paid for by insurers, they set the rates for water damage services that we can charge.  So when you get a quote from us, you know it’s fair and there is no need to shop around.

Here’s a quick video explaining our estimation process:


Worried about the cost?  We bill insurance!


Our customers rarely pay out of pocket.   As an insurance approved New Havent CT water damage company, we have the ability to work with your insurer to collect payment for our mitigation & repair services.  So instead of you having to play middleman and worry about where the money is going to come from to pay for our services, just call us and we can take care of the insurance process for you!


We employ the best people in the industry – hands down!


When you strive to provide the best possible water damage service, it’s only possible with the right people.  It’s why we go to such lengths to make sure each and every technician that shows up at your property is safe, friendly, knowledgeable, and will provide great service.


Drug-screened and background-screened.

checklistFirst thing is first.  And that’s your safety.  How can we assure your safety and that of your home and possessions without making sure the people we bring to your home are safe themselves?  We don’t think it’s possible, but don’t tell that to the water damage contractors that don’t even bother making sure their employees are safe.  Sadly, there’s all too many out there!


Certified and trained.

CertificateIconOur industry isn’t like some industries where someone can just pick up a tool and get to work…learn on the fly as they say.  The reality is that there is a lot of things that go into making sure a property is properly restored and that there is no threat of mold damage. It’s why our employees go through independent training and certification courses before they become water damage restoration technicians!


Don’t let moisture stick around!


One of the common things we see from people trying to deal with water damage is thinking that they can see the moisture.  While some areas are obvious, it’s the areas of your home that you have no idea are water damaged that can become your nightmare. Take a look at the image below…



What can appear to be perfectly healthy and dry areas of your home can actually be wet and at high risk of mold growth.  Any New Haven water damage contractor should bring moisture detection equipment to the evaluation of your property so that they can accurately determine exactly how much damage there is.

We get the moisture out so you don’t get mold!

mold-free-guaranteeIn fact, we’re so confident in our water damage restoration process and our ability to stop mold before it grows, we offer each customer (residential and commercial properties) the same guarantee: your structure will pass any independent environmental tests you wish to have performed. Try that with other water damage contractors! Many won’t offer any sort of assurances against black mold damage!

So how does the water restoration process work?


When you call us, chances are you have no idea how the process actually works. That can be frustrating for a lot of people, so we’ve created a quick video detailing the water damage cleanup process, and how we get your property fully restored, disinfected, and dry! Please watch the video below to learn more and please don’t hesitate to call us if you have additional questions!


Call us any time to discuss your water damage mitigation needs! We can make sure you get the timely answers you need and help you determine your best path forward!

Properties throughout New Haven CT experience a water event daily.  Whether it’s a small residential loss or your New Haven commercial building has experienced a massive water event, our New Haven CT water clean-up and restoration crews have the experience and equipment necessary to get your property back to normal fast!  By calling now, we’ll have a technician out to your property immediately to begin the loss assessment and providing feedback on the best water damage restoration plan to get you back on your feet.

All of our estimates are completely free, and our New Haven water dry-out & restoration professionals stand behind all of our work with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.  We’ll get to your New Haven home or office usually within 30 minutes and can get to work extracting any standing water and can work with your insurance company on any claims necessary.  We even provide sewage back-up cleanout services in case you have wastewater standing in your home.  These situations can be toxic, and can quickly escalate, so an immediate response is absolutely crucial.

If you’re in New Haven CT, and you’ve experienced a very unfortunate water or flood situation, it’s important to know help is just a phone call away.  New Haven water damage restoration experts are available and can help get your life back to normal quickly!  Our goal is simple:  make your life as easy as possible.  We understand this is probably a first for you, but we’ve been restoring New Haven CT homes and offices for years.  We understand what it takes to get you back up and running, and we’ll work hard to make sure that this traumatic experience is as painless as possible…so call our New Haven water damage restoration experts today!

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