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What is the login URL to my dashboard?


How do I review leads?


To listen to your leads, you can login to your dashboard, then click on the ‘Leads’ tab.  You’ll then see a list of all calls delivered, the status of the lead, timestamp, etc.  You can click on any lead which will expand the lead’s details where you can then play the audio file to listen to the phone call.


How do I change my campaign(s) status?


To pause and un-pause campaigns, you can login to your dashboard, then click on the ‘Campaign’ tab.  Once there, you can change the status of a campaign by clicking on either ‘Active’ or ‘Disabled’.  Status changes occur in real-time.  If you disable a campaign, you will not receive any more leads in that campaign until you change the status to active.

Please note: You must change the status of your campaigns using your online dashboard.  Do not email or call to make a campaign status change.  You must do it online.


How do I find invoices and review my billing information?


To review billing information, you can login to your dashboard and click on the ‘Billing’ tab.  Once there, you’ll see a list of your invoices as well as an option to update your credit card billing information.  You can click on an invoice to review the leads billed, amounts, etc.  You can also click on the ‘Print Invoice’ button to open a print-friendly version of the invoice.



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