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fire-restoration-equipFires can start for any number of reasons.  Hopefully if you have experienced one everyone is safe and there was no physical harm to any occupants of the building.  While the experience can be devastating, the property can be saved.  We provide complete fire damage restoration services throughout the District and would be happy to help you through the entire process of getting your home or business back to its original state.

Don’t wait – call for immediate fire cleanup service!


We help you from start to finish…


Most of our customers have never gone through something like a fire loss and as such aren’t sure what the correct steps are.  We see our job as not only service provider but also consultant.  A fire damage company in DC that can answer questions, provide options, and be of assistance should any issues arise.


Your 1st call should be to a certified DC fire restoration contractor!


phone-sans-shadowA lot of the confusion can begin right off the bat.  Many people make the mistake of calling their insurance company in the mistaken belief that the insurance adjuster is going to fix it.  It’s important to remember, their job is to assess the validity of a claim and provide reimbursement/payment in the case the claim falls under the policy.  Their job is not to cleanup fire damage.

If you call your insurance adjuster first, you might not get a response.  What happens if they’re busy and can’t respond immediately?  Sadly your home can continue to suffer damage and put you at risk.  And once you do get in touch with them, they’ll simply tell you to get the work done by a certified fire damage restoration company.

Don’t call your adjuster – call us!  We’re the company responsible for fixing your property and making sure you’re safe!


Our prices are affordable – you get a free estimate!


Free_EstimatesHow can you trust a price that is quoted to you?  What if when you go to seek reimbursement from your insurance company they don’t accept those costs?  What if I’m being taken advantage of by a smoke damage repair company?  Luckily for you, we make those questions irrelevant.  How?

We use Xactimate to calculate the full cost of cleaning up after a fire.

XactimateXactimate is a software solution that is accepted by all insurance companies and used by all restoration contractors to calculate the cost of work they do that falls under insurance.  It’s great for homeowners because it provides peace of mind.  Instead of a fire repair company sizing you up and then throwing out any price to see if you bite, we have to go about things entirely different.  Xactimate removes us from the equation altogether and simply calculates the reimbursement rate based upon the size and extent of fire damage to your property!


You get guaranteed service from certified contractors!


We know the stress a fire can cause, and we don’t think you should have to worry about the quality of fire damage cleaning service you’re going to receive.  It’s why we make sure that…


satisfaction-guaranteeAll work is done to your complete satisfaction.

We think customers benefit from knowing ahead of time that any and all work is going to be done to their complete satisfaction.  It’s why we offer a complete satisfaction guarantee for our fire damage restoration & smoke/soot cleanup services.


checklistAll work is performed by certified technicians.

We can’t stand behind the work done if we can’t be confident in the people providing the services.  It’s why our technicians undergo such rigorous screening process and are fully trained & certified.  Our fire damage technicians have the skills and training to handle anything your loss might throw at them!

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