Washington DC Flood Damage Restoration

Unfortunately water & flood damage events do happen.  Whether it comes from a busted pipe, malfunctioning appliances, or a heavy rainstorm, standing water in your property is an emergency that must be dealt with quickly by a professional DC flood cleanup company!  For over 20 years, we’ve provide certified flood damage repair services and we would be happy to come to your property to provide you with a complete estimate for our services, in writing!


Let us be your DC flood damage restoration company!


Should you be dealing with a flood, we know the stress and uncertainty it’s causing.  When it comes to this type of emergency, it’s important that you move quickly to get things fixed but also that you choose the right service providers.  Here’s why we think we’re the right choice for your flooding repair needs!


We arrive within 60 minutes no matter when you call!

Sadly there are flood restoration companies in DC that don’t answer their phones or if they do, they’re in no particular hurry to help you.  We know when our phone rings, chances are it’s an emergency that requires an urgent response!


We give free, upfront flood damage repair estimates!

Our first order of business once we get to your flooded home or business is to determine how much it would cost for us to cleanup flooding damage or restore your property.  So we quickly perform a thorough evaluation and then provide you with a written estimate!


We aren’t happy until you’re happy – it’s something we guarantee!

What if you had a flooding cleanup company come out and perform their services only to find problems later?  Depending on who you call, you could be left to deal with on your own.  But we guarantee your satisfaction and provide a full year warranty on all work!


We make the flooding cleanup & repair process simple!


When we say ‘one call and it’s done!’ we mean it.  You’ve got a life of your own, and you can’t stop everything that life throws at you to deal with flooding.  That’s why we hope you’ll call our full-service flood damage cleaning company!


We can even help with your insurance claim!  Is your water loss covered by your homeowners insurance or a separate flood insurance policy?  If so, we can help!  In fact, we can handle every step of the claim process so that your claim is handled quickly and that you receive a full reimbursement in a timely fashion!

Better yet, we can bill your insurer for our service!  If you would prefer, we can bill our services directly to your insurer so please ask about that when you speak to our technicians!


We guarantee a fair price & straightforward estimate!


When you have flooding damage and need a DC restoration company that you can trust to do the work great and at a fair price, then we’re the only call you need to make.  When it comes to pricing, we guarantee the right rate every time because we use the standard estimating software used by insurance adjusters.

Watch this video to learn more:


When it comes to flooding, it’s best to know your enemy: black mold!


Black mold is an aggressive and dangerous foe.  As such, it should be top of mind for every flood cleanup company throughout the mitigation process.  We understand the dangers of mold and how to stop/prevent it from growing.  In fact, throughout the entire flood restoration process, we take measures to deal with mold.

In fact, one of our final steps once we’ve extracted any water and dried things out is to apply an anti-mold solution throughout your property.  Consider one final layer of protection for you and your home, and further comfort that when we leave you’re not going to end up dealing with it later!

Want to know more about the flood cleanup process?  Watch the video below!  In it, we describe the common steps our flood restoration contractors will take to mitigate and dry out your loss.  Unlike some competitors, we DO NOT cut corners.  We do things according to the Bible of our industry, the IICRC S500, so that you know the work is being done the right way, everytime!


You might be surprised at just how effective our flood extraction & drying equipment can be!


So much of the flood cleaning process is determined by how quickly the work can begin.  If water has been standing in your property for several days and soaking everything in its path, it’s a vastly different process than if it just happened and we’re able to get there quickly to begin the flood extraction phase quickly.

In those instances where we get on-site very shortly after the event takes place, we have sophisticated equipment that can usually extract the water, dry the surface, and salvage the area.  Granted, much of that depends on the water type that causes the flooding damage, but in those cases where clean/grey water soak hardwood floors, ceilings, walls or sheetrock, we can typically save those areas.

Our Washington DC flood restoration & water extraction professionals have seen everything!  From sewage back-ups resulting to overflowing toilets and rain water, you can rest assured we can get your property dried out quickly.  Within 60 minutes, our Washington, DC water extraction crews can utilize state-of-the-art equipment to get any water out of your home or office building.  We can then begin the process of drying out your property and its contents.  Should any damage occur to floors, walls, or ceilings, our DC water damage company can also assist with that portion of the property.  And perhaps best of all, we can directly bill your insurance company so that your water loss causes as little pain as possible.

So if you need help, and have found yourself dealing with a flooded property, call ous now so that you can get a rapid response and free estimate!

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