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If you’re in need of a DC water extraction company, chances are you’re in a panic.  Standing water is every homeowners’ nightmare.  Fortunately, we offer complete water removal and drying services that make a painful process simple!  From start to finish, our aim is to get your flooded property back to its original state with as little disruption to you as possible.  So feel free to call us now for a fast response and free written estimate!


Things to consider when choosing a Washington DC water removal company:


Do they offer emergency service?

Cleaning up flooding, whether it’s sewage from a backed-up sewer or it’s simply from a busted water pipe, needs to be done fast.  It’s why you should only pick a company that offers 24/7 rapid emergency response and can begin the process of removing water fast!


Do they offer free estimates in writing?

You never want to get in a situation where a company gives you a verbal estimate but then begins work only to find additional work that they recommend at more cost to you.  It’s why we always provide you with a written estimate that covers all of our costs from start to finish!


Do they stand behind their water extraction services?

Imagine calling a company out to extract water and dry out your home and thinking everything went great only to find mold or warped walls later.  Make no mistake, it’s a complex process and occasionally mistakes happen.  But should they happen, we provide a full warranty for 1 year on any work performed!


What does it mean to be a certified water & flood cleanup company?


There’s a host of service trades that you wouldn’t bat an eye at by choosing a company that isn’t certified…but in truth, water removal services shouldn’t be one of them.  Why?  Removing water, drying out structure, and restoring/replacing sections of your home, all while stopping mold growth, requires a lot of skills.  Our industry changes yearly, as new equipment comes to the market and new research drives changes in how we attack a flood event.

Only a certified DC water cleanup company should be chosen if you find yourself needing help getting things fixed.  It means they’ve taken the time and energy, not to mention made the investment financially, to continually undergo intensive training.  And it also means that there won’t be problems when you go to file a claim.  In some instances, your insurer could deny your claim if the water cleaning & restoration work is done by a shoddy contractor!  So protect yourself, and your home, and always choose a certified contractor to do the work!


How do estimate our water cleanup services?


You might be surprised about how we come up with our estimates.  While companies in other services simply decide what they want to charge, we can’t.  Why?  Because most of our work is paid for by insurance companies so they are able to decide what we can charge.  So to make that process simple, we use the same estimating software they do when calculating the rates to charge for water extraction services.

Watch this video about Xactimate:


Cleaning up water and repairing the damage requires the right tools!


Water Damage Moisture TestingWe hope you don’t fall into the trap many homeowners do in thinking that removing water and drying out things just means renting a few pieces of equipment and some fans.  The truth is that throughout the extraction and dry out process, sophisticated tools are used to get the water out of all surface types, find any hidden moisture, and properly dry out water-logged areas.  Whether it’s advanced infrared imaging that can peer into walls or negative pressure water extraction systems that can suck water out of your beautiful hardwood floors, we’ve got everything necessary to get the all of the water out fast!


Need help dealing with your insurer?  No problem, we can settle your claim or bill them directly!


As an insurance approved water extraction company, we can deal with your adjuster and get your claim settled fast.  In fact, we work with most major insurers daily!  Not only that, we can even bill them for our services if that would be helpful to you!

The claim process can sometimes get bogged down and become frustrating if it’s something you’re dealing with for the first time.  So let us help…we believe in doing whatever we can to make the process of dealing with a flood less troublesome, so if assisting you during the claims process helps relieve stress, we’re happy to do it!

We specialize in Washington, DC emergency water removal & complete dry-out services.  Each of our DC flood damage crews is fully insured & certified to tackle your home or office water extraction project.  We are available around-the-clock and your call will always be answered by a live DC water extraction specialist.  That means we can be at your water-logged property within minutes to help get things dried out quickly and using industry-standard water extraction methods.

Immediate help is just a call away!  Our Washington DC water extraction company ready to provide a free estimate and can work with your insurance agency to get any claims and/or bills settled.  We will make your DC water damage restoration issues as headache free as we can!

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