Dover DE Basement Flood Clean-up

flood-damage-companyGetting water in your basement out is our job! Whether it’s from recent storm damage, a water leak, a busted pipe or any other malfunction, wet basements must be dried out quickly before mold growth occurs. When you call us, we always respond and have a team onsite in less than 1 hour. We provide certified basement flood damage cleanup & repair services throughout Delaware and would be happy to give you a free estimate. Just give us a call and help is on the way!


We repair basement flooding damage before you get mold!


Our job is to be fast and thorough.  We need to get the moisture out and preserve the structural integrity of your property, and to do so requires a team of committed professionals.


We give you an honest quote upfront.


Call for a free quote.  We make it simple.  Our estimator will come out, fully survey the damage, and develop the appropriate basement flood mitigation plan.  It will detail the work required, what equipment we will use, any areas that need to be replaced, etc.  We then provide a cost estimate based upon those inputs that will not be an issue when you go to file an insurance claim.  How do we know that?  We use the same system they do to calculate our costs!

Watch this quick video to learn more:


We find all moisture damage.




As trained professionals, we’ve seen firsthand the damage wrought by moisture that was discovered and removed.  In order to find water damage that isn’t visible to the human eye, we use moisture probes and thermal imaging systems that can give us a very accurate picture of the areas that have sustained moisture and must be addressed during the dry out phase.


We use advanced equipment & certified techniques.


extraction-equipmentIf a Dover restoration company shows up with outdated equipment, or worse yet, green technicians that don’t have the proper training, it’s your home that will suffer.  Proper basement water extraction services require great, well-maintained equipment and the right team utilizing them.

Our technicians are trained in the science of water damage restoration and know how to properly use every piece of equipment in our arsenal.  They are also fully certified.


We apply anti-microbial solutions.


mold-sporesMold is only guaranteed to remain at normal low levels if it doesn’t have the right conditions to grow.  The big ingredient is moisture.  We have to get the moisture out before it can grow, and to help us with that, we apply anti-fungal sprays on the flood damaged basement.  This topical spray acts as an inhibitor for mold growth and basically gives us a window to dry out the basement before mold grows.


We guarantee the work.


satisfaction-guaranteePerhaps most exciting is if you allow us to cleanup your flooded basement in Delaware, you get the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ll be happy when we’re done.  We can get your basement back to its original condition quickly and effectively.  And throughout the process, our number 1 priority is your satisfaction.

It’s something we guarantee on every project!


If it’s a Dover flooded basement you find yourself dealing with, time is of the essence.  Calling our certified flood damage in Dover crews insures you’ll get the highest level of service fast.  We offer complete water extraction & water damage restoration services in the Dover DE area.

Flooded basements can occur for a number of reason in the Dover area.  From water heaters that leak to pipes that burst, our Dover water extraction crews have seen it all and can help you!  Even severe situations such as Dover sewage back-up are no match for our crews.  We have years of experience restoring residences & offices throughout the Dover DE area.  Basement floods are scary, and not something to be dealt with on your own.  You need a Dover professional water damage restoration company that has the tools and skills to properly extract water from your basement and dry your Dover property.

So if you’ve got a flooded basement in Dover, and need an immediate response from certified flood damage restoration professionals that will stand behind their work, call us now!

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