Dover DE Water Damage Restoration

Certified water damage cleanup services are just a phone call away…and when you’re facing a water loss, you can’t wait. The longer water sits in your property, the more damage that it does and the less likely we are to be able to save those areas affected by water damage. That’s why we have certified water damage repair crews available around-the-clock to help you when it’s needed most. Using the latest techniques and best equipment available, we make sure your water soaked home or office is fully restored!


We offer 24/7 water damage restoration services for residential and commercial customers!

() Water & Flood Damage Restoration & Clean-up

() Sewage Back-up Cleaning

() Basement Flood Cleanup

() Emergency Water Extraction & Removal

() Moisture Detection & Infrared Imaging

() Structural Drying using Rapid Dry Sub-Surface Equipment

() Property Dehumidification

() Anti-Mold & Mildew Spray Application


Why is a fast response a must when dealing with a water loss?

Responding quickly is imperative with water because of the nature of water damage.  Water is capable of invading any porous surface and doing significant damage the longer it sits.  The reason for a fast response is two-fold:

() We can salvage more of your home or office by immediately extracting the water and beginning the drying process.  If water sits for too long, the chances of you having to replace your floors, ceilings, drywall and anything else that has been soaked goes up dramatically.

() The chances of you getting mold decrease significantly.  Black mold is always a big concern when dealing with a water loss.  Acting quickly to dry out the property helps prevent future mold growth.  And mold remediation is an incredibly time-intensive, expensive process not typically covered under homeowners insurance so you really don’t want to be faced with that problem!


Should I call my insurance company first?

Understanding how to deal with the insurance company is one of the more confusing aspects for homeowners dealing with a water loss claim.  The long and short is that your first priority is to make sure your home is restored quickly.  That means calling a water damage company first to begin the process of mitigating the damages and restoring everything.  Ultimately responding quickly will lessen the cost for the insurance company so they’re incentivized as well for you to act diligently to get your home fixed.  If you call them and wait for them to take the lead you’re going to be sorely disappointed in the process.


So you can work with my insurance company to handle my claim?

Yes.  We can bill them directly and handle the claims process for you.  In fact, we deal with every major insurance provider daily so we probably already have a relationship with your adjuster.  You’ve got other things to worry about, so let us handle the claims process for you!


We offer free water damage cleaning & repair estimates in writing!


Don’t trust your water damaged home or commercial building to just any company.  We would be happy to give a no cost, no obligation quote for your water damage cleanup needs.  And with our estimates, you can be sure the price is fair because we utilize the same software your insurance company does to determine the cost for remediation services!


If you’re in need of Dover DE water damage restoration services, you’re probably stressed out and unsure of what to do.  Your Dover water damaged property is probably not something you’ve dealt with before, but it’s all we do.  Our Dover DE water damage restoration professionals are fully licensed & certified to get your basement flood or damaged property back to normal fast.  We utilize the latest techniques, each of our Dover technicians is fully trained, and we use the best equipment on the market.

We understand how traumatic having water damage can be.  Whether it is sewage back-up from a broken pipe or overflowing toilet, or a flooded basement from a water heater that is leaking, we’ve seen it all and can handle the job.  Our Dover DE water damage crew will come to your residential or commercial property (usually within 30 minutes) and we can begin assessing the damage and provide a free, no obligation estimate for any Dover water damage restoration services you might need.

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