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mold-inspectionWe offer residential and commercial mold remediation services throughout Ft. Lauderdale.  If you have a property that has toxic mold, we hope you’ll call us.  We can help answer some of the initial questions you probably have and talk you through how the mold cleanup process works and what you can expect.  We realize it’s a scary thing to find, but we hope you’ll find comfort knowing affordable, reliable help is just a phone call away!

Complete mold damage removal & restoration services!


Call to schedule a free mold removal estimate today!


Free_EstimatesAnytime we receive a call from someone who has found black mold in their property, we always want to schedule a time when one of our mold technicians can come out to inspect the property firsthand.  There is no cost or obligation to you, it’s simple a chance for us to determine how much mold damage has occurred and then draw up a mold remediation plan.  We can answer any questions you have and provide a free cost estimate!


We don’t leave your home’s health to chance!


mold-sicknessMold can be a very challenging issue and is never something that should be taken lightly.  If you have black mold, it’s definitely not a simple cleanup job you can tackle on your own.  And it’s not something you want a company handling that isn’t fully certified to do.

We understand the complexities involved with mold removal in Ft Lauderdale, and we always make sure that our technicians follow the appropriate protocol.  Safety is our business.  We must keep our employees safe and we must do our jobs effectively so that your home is once again a safe place to be.


All work performed by certified mold specialists!


CertificateIconOur view is that we can ensure your safety without knowing that the Ft Lauderdale mold cleanup services we offer are being done by the best people in the industry.  We invest heavily in our team, because we’re only as good as they are.  It’s why they always go through internal and third party mold removal training and are fully certified.  We can’t leave things up to chance and hope for the best.  We have to do every step of the project correctly or you run the risk of continuing to suffer from toxic mold.


Choose us and get peace of mind!


satisfaction-guaranteeProviding great service to each and every customer is our mission.  In fact, it’s something we promise on any Ft Lauderdale mold remediation job we do.  We guarantee that our work will be done correctly, and that you will join our family of satisfied customers.    We take to heart the saying that ‘We’re only as good as our last job!’

All work backed by our Satisfaction Guarantee!


Wondering if your mold loss is covered by insurance?


costs of restorationIn general, mold damage restoration services are not covered by insurance companies.  In fact, most have a mold clause that specifically states they will not cover mold.  So that’s the bad news. The good news is that we have been able to successfully file claims in the past for customers for our mold remediation services.  How?  Some times insurance companies will pay for our services if we are able to prove that the mold damage was a result of a water damage loss that was covered under the policy.

Bottom line, if you have black mold, give us a call and we’ll see what your options are and try everything possible to help you get back on your feet affordably!


Projects We’ve Serviced


Customer’s air conditioning leaked through the floor in the kitchen causing mold in the dry wall of the ceiling of the garage.  Service was needed to remove mold.

–Scott, Sunrise, FL

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