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We believe that you’re only as good as your last customer says you are. That’s why we maintain the highest levels of training and certifications, the most rigorous hiring standards, and utilize the most cutting edge water drying equipment available when restoring your property. No matter how much water damage you’ve experienced, we can quickly and affordable offer the best in water damage repair services and would be happy to provide you with a free quote for our award winning restoration services!


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If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the Orlando metro area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

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Here’s the top 5 reasons Orlando customers choose us:


Fast Response Time, Day or Night –  Why wait when we can be at your home or office within minutes of your call?  Should you choose us, we will dispatch a fully-stocked truck that can begin the water damage mitigation process immediately upon arrival so that the damage is contained and mold doesn’t take root!


Always Free Estimates – Whether it’s a flooded crawlspace from a storm or you’ve got water damage in your walls or ceilings from a busted pipe, we would be happy to come to your property and provide a no cost, no obligation estimate (in writing) for any water damage restoration services you might need!


We Only Use the Best Equipment – Water damage cleaning most be done right or it can cause expensive problems down the road.  We stock our trucks and train our crews using the industry’s best moisture detection, dehumidification systems, water extraction equipment, and air movers available.  It ensures that your property is completely dry when we leave and you won’t run into issue later.


We Are Insurance Approved –  This means a couple of things.  First, we can work with your adjuster to settle the claims process.  Secondly, you can rest easy knowing that the work we are performing is done to standards set by the industry.  It makes it easier and faster to make sure your claim is settled and there are no questions as to the quality of the work being performed.


We Stand Behind All of Our Work – Unlike some companies in our space, we’re willing to stand behind the work we perform and promise you’ll be completely satisfied.  We got to great lengths to make sure the work is done correctly and that you are kep informed.  If at any point a long the way you’re not happy, just let us know and we’ll fix it!


Water Damage Cleanup Videos


We’ve created a couple of videos to help people in your situation. We want you to have the right information at your fingertips so you can make crucial decisions wisely.


How are prices determined?

Prices are fixed within our industry. By that, we mean that every single thing we might need to do already has a price assigned to it. That price is determined by insurers and calculate using Xactimate. Watch the video below to understand how the costs of water damage services are tallied:


How does the process work?

We can’t say for sure exactly what will go into your water mitigation project (that’s why we have the free onsite assessment!), but we can at least give you an idea for what a typical project includes.

Will your insurance provider cover the cost of your water loss?


Many people call us and are in the dark about whether or not their loss is covered under their homeowner’s insurance policy.  Every policy is different, so we highly recommend that you review your policy, but a rule of thumb is that losses the are the result of something malfunctioning within the structure of you property are covered.  Any water damage that is caused from an event happening outside of the structure where water finds its way into your home is usually covered under a separate flood insurance policy.


How do you make sure my property is safe from mold and mildew?


One of the greatest challenges when dealing with a water loss is making sure the water extraction and clean-up process is done in a way that prevents mold problems later.  First, we must identify all areas that have been affected by water damage.  We use equipment such as moisture testers and infrared detectors that are able to identify moisture levels where our eyes can not see any problems.  Next, we utilize equipment that can soak up and dry 99.9% of any moisture.  Lastly, we can apply a spray application that prevents future mold growth.


What are the different types of water damage categories?


There are 3 classifications for the water that has damaged your property, and each has its own protocol when dealing with the damage it causes.

White – white water is drinking safe water that has damaged your home.  This could be caused by a kitchen or toilet sink overflowing or a bust main water line.

Grey – grey water is water that isn’t considered safe to drink.  This could be the result of your dishwasher malfunctioning and leaking.

Black – black water is considered toxic and can be extremely dangerous.  The most common source of black water is sewer back-ups as well as dirty flood water.


What can I do to protect my home from water damage?


There is only so much oversight you can perform to protect against a water loss, but checking off certain things from your preparedness list can go a long way in mitigating the risks of water damage.


Maintain your appliances.

Home water damage from refrigeratorNot surprisingly, appliances malfunctioning represent the majority of water damage jobs we’re called on to. Things like the water line feeding your icemaker in your fridge, the dishwasher, the washing machine, and your hot water heater are all susceptible to spewing water all over your home and causing water damage to your floors. Each will come with manufacturers’ suggestions on properly maintaining each system. We rarely do the easy/cheap things necessary to keep everything working properly and occasionally pay dearly for it should something go wrong.


Ensure your main water line is working properly.

sewage-overflowAll the water you flush down the toilet or that exits through a drain in your shower or sink goes out the same line. Well, it’s supposed to. Sometimes it can’t escape and ends up coming back up through the drains and into your property. If you pour grease down your drain, please stop now! If you fear your drain might not be working properly, pay to have it cleaned out. Once you get a full blockage, it will end up spewing raw sewage into your home and causing a huge, dangerous mess!


We offer residential and commercial water damage cleanup services throughout the greater Orlando area:

Union Park, Conway, Oak Ridge, Orlovsia, Ocoee, Lockhart, Winter Park, Windermere, Maitland, Forest City, Apopka, Longwood, Oviedo, Southchase, Williamsburg, and all surrounding communities.

If you’re in Orlando FL and are in need of a water damage restoration company you can trust, help is just a call away.  Whether you have a flooded basement, or a malfunctioning appliance that has caused water damage, our Orlando water extraction experts are here to help.  From the first call, our goal is to make this traumatic experience as easy and comforting as possible.  Our Orlando flood restoration and water extraction professionals will arrive immediately to get your life back to normal.

Once at your Orlando FL home or office, we can begin assessing the damage and provide a complete estimate for any dry-out or water damage restoration services necessary.  We can also work directly with your insurance provider and handle the billing concerns.  Our technicians have years of experience providing water & flood restoration services throughout the Orlando area and can handle any emergency, whether it’s a small residential issue or a large Orlando commercial building.

So if you’ve experienced a water event, and need fast, reliable, and honest service, just call us today and we can begin making a bad situation better!  We guarantee a fast response, offer free estimates, and stand behind the work that we do…so call today!


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