A Guide to Proper Water Cleanup

Posted by Matt Buchanan

Water cleanup following a leak or a flood can be a complicated process.  In instances where the spillage was small and the water contamination involves white water, it’s safe for you to clean up water on your own.

If the spillage involves gray or black water, or extends over a fairly large area of your house, however, you may save money in the long run by employing a professional service to clean up water.  Professionals work fast, minimizing your risk of structural damage and eliminating future mold problems.

Here are some tips for cleaning up water:

()  Identify the source of the leak.  If you suspect you have a burst pipe, turn off the water supply to your home until you can get the pipe fixed.  If your roof is leaking, patch the leak temporarily.  You will have to get the roof repaired in the near future, of course, but that can wait.

()  Assess the amount of damage that has been done to your property.  If the damage involves dry wall, ceilings or flooring, you will probably be better off with a professional water remediation company.

()  Mop up the water spillage, and use fans to get fresh air circulating through the damaged area.  You will also need a dehumidifier to take the moisture out of the ambient air.  This will accelerate the water cleanup process.  Speed is important here, because of the potential for mold.  Mold spores begin to germinate on damp surfaces within 12 hours.

The reality with any amount of water loss is that there can be hidden dangers that can cause problems down the road, the greatest of which is mold.  While the human eye can detect most water and moisture, it can’t detect all of it.  Water can find it’s way into sub-surface structures and remain hidden.  If it is not properly dried out, it will rot away at your home’s walls, floors or ceilings and become a breeding ground for harmful toxic black mold.

It’s for these reasons that we always suggest you hire a professional water cleanup company to handle any water extraction services you require.  They have equipment that can identify hidden moisture in your property’s structure and ensure that moisture is completely eliminated during the cleaning and drying process.  If it’s the case you choose to handle the process yourself, and are unable to fully dry out your property and it results in mold, you’ll be left holding the bag on a MUCH larger bill to remediate the mold down the road!


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