Heavy Rains Causing Massive Flood Damage in San Diego

Posted by Matt Buchanan

December 14, 2012 – A heavy rain storm is impacting southern California with several inches of rain coming down overnight in the San Diego area and even more rain to come.

If you’re one of the many home or business owners that is dealing with water getting into your property, here’s some things to keep in mind while trying to stem the tide and get through the storm.

Make the call!  Trying to cleanup after a flood on your own can be a huge mistake that will end up costing you more in the long run.  Being able to identify where moisture is isn’t as simple as spotting water.  Even when you can’t see it, water can be lurking behind your walls providing a perfect breeding ground for mold and rotting away your home.

Once you’ve called a professional San Diego flood cleanup company, do what you can to save items from getting damaged.  But first, make sure you’ve turn off the electricity to any parts of the home that have standing water!  Remove items that are in harm’s way and get them to a dry area quickly.  If certain items have already been soaked, in many cases it’s best to leave them.  The reason is so that when the flood damage company places air movers and dehumidifiers throughout the affected areas, those items will be present and can be dried out as well.

If you have flood insurance, a certified flood repair service will be able to work directly with them to handle a claim should you plan on filing one.  It’s ok to go ahead and call them and request a claim number so that the flood company that cleans up your property has that information.  After that, they should be able to handle everything from there so you don’t have to!

And if it’s too late this time but you are looking for ways to ‘flood-proof’ your home for the inevitable storms that will come in the future, here’s a past article we wrote detailing some things you can do to prevent flooding:

Preventing flooding due to heavy rains

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