How much does flood damage repair cost?

Posted by Matt Buchanan

As with any home service you need, costs vary for cleaning up flood damage in your property.  There are many things that factor into the cost and here are a few things to consider.

 How long has the flood water been standing in your property?

If the flood just occurred and you’re able to respond quickly to the event, you’ll be able to limit the damage and should be able to salvage and restore household items as opposed to completely replacing them.

What type of water has entered your property?

We’ve written about it previously, but there are 3 water damage categories that are used to determine the type of water standing on your property: white, grey, and black.  Depending on the contents of the water costs may vary.  For instance, if you’ve experienced a massive flood that has caused the city’s sewer lines to overflow and that sewage has entered your home, the costs will go up.

What items have been affected?

And obviously what areas of your home or office as well as what items have been affected by the storm will also affect the price.  If you’re a business owner and have many computers in your office that have been damaged, you’re in for more costs than someone who simply got water in an unfinished basement and needs it extracted.

If you’re simply looking storm water extraction services, that is just having a professional come in and pump out all of the water and dry out the property, they can usually price that per square foot of affected area (usually between $4-$8/square foot).

If it’s the case your home or office has experienced significant damage due to a storm and most of the things in your home will need to be replaced, there is a simple tool at that lets you enter in the height of the storm water in your property and then it provides a ballpark figure for complete flood damage restoration services and breaks down the cost based upon the items that it assumes were damaged (cabinets, appliances, personal items, etc.).  As with any tool like this, it isn’t perfect, so it’s best to call a professional flood damage service.  They’ll be happy to provide you with a free estimate for any work you might need performed!

If you would like to learn more about how a water damage restoration contractor determines how much to charge for its services you can watch the video below:


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