Cary Basement Flood Cleanup

flooded-basement-cleanupWhen a basement floods, the amount of water that can enter quickly can be staggering. And the damage that water can cause if left untreated can be just as shocking. Flooded basements are common in Cary. Many times pipes burst due to cold weather or a heavy storm sends groundwater through foundation walls and into basements. Whatever the reason, we can fix it! We offer emergency basement water cleanup services throughout the Chicagoland area and would be honored to help you recover from flooding.


 First thing is first – call us for a free quote!


Free_EstimatesWhen you call our Cary water restoration company the first action we’ll take is to send out a crew and allow our lead estimator to assess the damage. Once he or she has had the chance to take moisture readings and measurements, we can lay out exactly what will need to be done to remove the water, dry out your structure and prevent mold. We can then present you with a free estimate using Xactimate, the industry’s leading insurance estimator.

What is Xactimate and how does it work? The video below gives you an inside look into the estimating process using Xactimate. We hope it helps you get a sense for the transparency and straightforward nature you can expect should you allow us to assess your basement flooding emergency.


Don’t let the wrong company cleanup your basement water!


In our industry, there are a lot of companies that don’t go about things the right way. Just like with some other service industries, we have our fair share of hucksters just trying to claw people away from their money without actually trying to be of assistance or provide value. But when it comes to flooding in your basement, the consequences of these contractors can be severe.

CertificateIconWe offer certified basement water extraction services from insured & background screened technicians.

What does that mean for you? First and foremost, the people in your home will be people you can trust. Any potential employee must pass a very exhaustive criminal background screening process before being hired to work for us. Secondly, you’re protected. If someone gets hurt, or even if we make a mistake, we have insurance coverage that protects you financially.


Watch out for mold – it grows fast!


basement-moldAnytime you have a water incursion in your property, you’ve got the conditions for black mold growth. What shocks people is just how quickly it happens. Especially in a basement, water damage can become mold damage quickly…usually within 2-3 days if not sooner. That means you have to be fast and get help! We always respond to your call immediately and make sure our closest crew is dispatched and onsite within 1 hour.

To make sure that mold growth doesn’t begin while we’re working on removing the water and then drying the floors, walls and anything else that has gotten wet, we actually spray a powerful mold inhibitor that gives us just enough time to complete the drying process.

mold-free-guaranteeWe guarantee your basement will be mold-safe once we are done.

Because we are also certified as mold professionals, we understand the correlation between shoddy water mitigation services and future black mold growth. In fact, we remediate homes and business all the time that though their woes were over with from a previous flood. With us, we guarantee your basement will pass any third party industrial hygienist tests you wish to have performed for black mold!


We make sure the work is done according to the IICRC manual


iicrc-logoIn our industry, there is one certifying body. It’s called the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, & Restoration Certification. If you speak with a company and they are not certified by the IICRC, we would encourage you to move along. Our technicians must carry the proper certifications for water damage restoration and maintain their certifications throughout their employment.

What does that mean to me? It means the work is going to be done right. We aren’t going to guess at what we think is the best course of action or make mistakes. We’re going to follow the very clear procedures laid out by the IICRC in the S500 water damage restoration manual.

Watch the video below to see how proper basement water damage services should be performed:


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