Cary Sewage Backup Cleanup

flood-damage-companyWhen a sewer line gets backed up and sends sewage into your basement or other places in your home, you’re looking at a black water category loss. That means you’ve got an emergency and that the likelihood of contamination in the water is high as well as the susceptibility for infection or disease. It’s not just a stinky mess, it’s a dangerous pool of bacteria and viruses that can make you extremely sick. So if you have a sewage backup in Cary Illinois or any surrounding cities, please give us a call now!


Safety is our #1 priority when sewer lines backup!


sewage-crawlspaceAs a black water category loss, there is a high risk of exposure to harmful pathogens. Sadly many people assume that if they can stomach the smell they can cleanup and disinfect the mess in their home without any issues. They couldn’t be more wrong. There are very stringent safety protocols mandated by our industry when dealing with raw sewage. You can’ just put on some gloves and start mopping stuff up. In fact, you have to wear a full body hazmat suit and a face respirator.

To see the dangers of cleaning up sewage and understand how a professional water mitigation company in Cary can mitigate those dangers and effectively clean your home after sewage damage, watch the video below!


Want a free quote? Just call & we’re on our way!


Free_EstimatesAny call for us is an emergency, and that means we have to respond right away. We always answer your call and will dispatch the closest crew to your property. Once there, our estimator will suit up in his gear, then survey the sewage backup in Cary, take moisture readings, and measure the damaged area. At that point, we can provide you with a free estimate and also explain the costs and what work needs to be done to effectively repair any sewage damage you have!


How does the Cary sewage cleanup process work?


Hopefully you’ve never dealt with a sewer backup before. If so, and this is your first time, below are the steps you can typically expect assuming it’s a standard project.


Item packout & disposal

When it comes to highly infectious sewage water, any surfaces or items that are porous and have been touched by the sewage must be disposed of. They can’t be cleaned and will never be safe to be in your home. So carpets, drywall, sofas, boxes of clothes…whatever has been touched must go.


Solid waste disposal & water extraction

Next, we need to remove the standing water along with any solid waste that might be present in your property. We have specialized equipment that can quickly collect the raw sewage. Ideally we can flush the waste down through your pipes, but in the event the pipe is still clogged or collapsed, we will safely dispose of it!


Disinfect damaged area

We then apply a very powerful disinfectant spray throughout the area that kills any micro-organisms that might still be lingering.


Apply anti-microbial spray

Because the time it takes us to dry out the effected area may actually be longer than the time it takes black mold to grow, we also then come back through and apply an anti-microbial spray that inhibits the spores from spreading for a few days while we complete the drying process.


Structural drying

The final step involves removing the small % of moisture that remains in your structure. While there isn’t much left at this point, it’s crucial that your property be returned to its ‘dry standard’ or else in a few weeks you’ll start noticing warped walls and black mold damage.


While the basement water damage restoration process can take many forms, especially when it involves sewage, the following video should help you see what you can expect when we arrive at your property:


We always guarantee our customers’ 100% satisfaction!


satisfaction-guaranteeWhen we’ve completed the work, we guarantee you’ll be satisfied. It’s that simple for us…our job isn’t done until you’re happy. If you’re not happy at any point in the process, you’ll always have the ability to speak with the project coordinator to discuss your issue and we’ll make sure it’s resolved immediately! We know this is a trying event for you and your family, and we want to make sure we play a positive role in helping you recover! We won’t be satisfied until you are!

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