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flood-damage-companyAt the moment water seeps into your floors, or through your walls, or anywhere else in your home or office, you’re on the clock! The process of recovering has to start immediately, and that means calling for help immediately! We always answer your call, and if you would like we can be onsite within 1 hour to help assess the loss, mitigate the damage, and get your property dry again fast! Call us and discover what’s made us the #1 water cleanup company in Cary, IL!


What to know about us & the water mitigation process…


It’s our hope this is your first and last time dealing with a water loss. If this is your first time, there are some things you might not be aware of or things that are different than what you might assume. Here’s some things we think people in your position should know. Hopefully it helps you make the right decision, even if that’s not choosing us as your Cary water removal company!


Most restoration companies use the same estimating software


Free_EstimatesIf you’re calling around getting a bunch of quotes, don’t expect there to be a big disparity in the cost estimates. The reason is simple. We all use the same system to estimate your loss. It’s actually the same software that insurance company adjusters use. So even if your loss isn’t covered by insurance, you’ll know the price you’re being quoted is standard for the industry. With us, you always get a free estimate using Xactimate, so you know it’s fair!

In the video below, we walk you through the estimate and explain what you can expect when our technicians provide a free onsite water mitigation assessment & estimate:


Many companies don’t screen or certify their technicians


cautionJust like any other service, there are good guys and there are guys out there just chasing money with no thought or care about the people affected by their actions. When it comes to emergency water removal services, many companies don’t even screen their technicians to see if they are violent criminals. That’s terrifying! And if they don’t care about that, they certainly aren’t spending their money to make sure they’re properly trained & certified. That’s a toxic situation for you that can put your safety in jeopardy!

We make sure our crews are fully certified, and that all technicians have past very intensive background screening process. We aren’t in the business of drying out properties, we’re in the business of making sure your home is safe. And how could we do that without making sure the people we send to your house are safe and that they can do their jobs well?


Mold will develop within 48 hours of the water loss


black-moldMost property owners don’t realize just how fast mold grows. That lack of knowledge can be an expensive mistake because it causes them to take the wrong actions or no actions at all. A delay in getting the water out and moisture issue solved will result in mold. It’s just a matter of when, not if. So if you’ve had water damage in your home please know you have about 2 days before that moisture breeds mold. You don’t have long, and we’ll come prepared to stop mold in its track and make sure you don’t have a bigger problem than you already have!


Most water losses are covered by insurance


insurance-claim-formDid the water originate from inside your property? If so, and you have homeowners insurance, then you’re probably covered by your policy. But even the insurance claim process can cause people problems and result in costly mistakes. The key thing to consider is you want someone experienced in the industry on your side fighting to make sure you get what you deserve. Here’s some things we think you should consider when it comes to a water damage insurance claim.


You don’t have to call your adjuster or wait for an open claim. With any type of water damage, the first concern is always limiting the amount of damage. That means calling a certified water mitigation contractor to stop the water from spreading and beginning the extraction process. A claim can be filed at anytime, and we’ll make to properly document every phase of the process so that your adjuster has everything he or she needs to expedite the claim process.


contractor-customerYou should hire an independent water extraction company. Your adjuster may suggest you call a certain company. Depending on how they handle that ‘suggestion’, it may even be illegal for them to do that. But regardless, it’s important for you to know the arrangement your adjuster and that water restoration company have.  Restoration companies are constantly wining and dining adjusters and trying to garner referral business. They agree to cap the amount of the loss in exchange for more business. In other words, they’ve agreed to offer their services at the cheapest possible rate. How well do you think they’re going to do the job? If you’ve ever hired the cheapest plumber or general contractor around, you probably know the answer to that.


We can settle the costs directly with your insurer. Instead of you having to pay out of pocket and then haggle with your insurer to get a refund, we can just invoice them for the work and make sure they pay us directly.


See the water extraction & drying process in action!


For most people, it’s tough to see the extent of damage caused by their basement flood or any other water loss and be able to envision it returning to normal. We understand, and we hope you realize that while this might seem like an overwhelming project, for us it’s just another day in the office. We can handle it, and we’ll make sure your home is returned to its previous glory in no time!


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