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water-removal-diyWe provide an immediate response guarantee throughout the northern suburbs of Chicago.  Our promise is simple:  to provide the best possible water damage restoration service at a fair rate, and to help you through every phase of the mitigation process.  If you’ve suffered flooding damage to your home or place of business, please give us a call and allow us to provide you with a free estimate and explain how our services work!

When you need help, make the call!


Why choose our Arlington Heights restoration company?


We offer competitive prices and free estimates!


Free_EstimatesCall now and a project manager is on his way to your property to provide a free estimate for any Arlington Heights flood cleanup service you might need.  Whether you have a sewer backup or a flooded basement from rain, we can provide you with an estimate up front for the entire cost of the project!  You can ask any questions you have and we’ll make sure you’re comfortable with how the process works!

calculatorAnd even better, you can be confident the price we quote is the appropriate price and is not inflated in any way.  How?  We use Xactimate to estimate the total cost of our flooding damage repair services.  That is the same software that any insurance adjuster would use, so it’s 3rd party price quote that you know is fair!  We don’t price gouge or pull a bait and switch on customers.  It’s simply an honest rate for the work necessary!


You’ll get the best water damage technicians in the business!


checklistWe don’t like letting strangers into our home.  Nobody does, including you.  We get it.  It’s why we don’t hire technicians that can’t pass a thorough background screening.  And it’s why we make each employee submit to random drug testing as long as they’re employed.  Your safety is the most important thing to us.  And we can’t assure it if we aren’t 100% comfortable with the people we hire.


CertificateIconYou can hire the nicest people in the world, but if they aren’t fully competent in every phase of the flood restoration process, our service will suffer and ultimately you’ll suffer.  So whether we’re performing commercial water damage services or water extraction in a flooding basement, you can rest easy knowing that every technician on-site has been properly trained and that they’re industry certified.


You’ll get piece of mind in our service!


satisfaction-guaranteeIt shouldn’t be a novel commitment, but sadly too many Arlington Heights water damage companies won’t make it: guaranteeing your complete satisfaction throughout every phase of the project.  But choose us for your emergency basement water cleanup service needs, and that’s exactly what you’ll get.  It’s just one way we show potential customers just how serious we take the trust you place in us!


mold-sporesOur services not only get our water, we also prevent black mold.  All of our water restoration work includes using mold prevention techniques that allow us to inhibit mold’s growth while we quickly work to remove excess moisture and eliminate a good environment for black mold.  Choose the wrong company, you could be looking a serious health issue on down the road!


We have all the equipment necessary to tackle your loss!


airmovers-structural-drying-equipmentOffering complete water damage repair service isn’t possible without a vast array of equipment.  It’s a highly technical process that requires each technician be proficient using every piece of equipment.  Because the appropriate flood cleanup & restoration process changes depending upon the ambient conditions on a daily basis, water damage contractors must be able to utilize their equipment, understand the readings they’re given, as well as what actions must be taken depending on the readings.

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