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water-removal-diyDid your kid leave the sink running all night?  Or perhaps some water is in your basement from a recent storm?  While rare for you, it’s something we deal with on a daily basis.  We proudly offer emergency water & flood cleanup services throughout Aurora and surrounding communities.  For over 20 years, we’ve been proud to help our customers when a water emergency occurs.  We hope you’ll give us an opportunity to show you what has made us the #1 water damage company in Aurora, IL!


Before you call, it’s good to know the process!


While a water loss occurs once every eleven years to the average US homeowner, when we’re called, it’s usually a first for people.  So to help give you a good sense for what to expect, and hopefully help you come out with some questions to ask, here’s what you should expect when you call us!


Immediate assistance – day or night!


24-7-emergency-serviceWe can be at your property within 30 to 60 minutes, and sometimes even faster.  There’s some flood repair companies in Aurora that might not have the personnel to respond that quickly when you call.  Choose one of them and it’s only costing you precious time.  But call us now, and we’re there in a flash to help you!

We make sure we have techs close by and on-call 24/7!


We show-up and give you a free estimate!


photo_free_estimatesYour insurance company will want you to get a free estimate from a reputable water damage company that uses Xactimate.  That is the estimating software that is used globally by restoration companies and insurance adjusters.  That’s what we use, so we can provide an acceptable estimate for free to submit to your insurance!

You only need one quote – we use industry-standard rates!


What happens once work begins?


Sometimes a company leaves you in the dark during the process of repairing water damage in your home.  That’s not a good feeling, and it’s certainly not good customer service.  We always communicate directly with you throughout our work so you know what is happening, have a current timeline for job completion, and of course, make sure we’re able to answer all of your questions.


We quickly contain the water loss.


water-extraction-261x300Containment is the first priority.  We need to stop your home from suffering any further flooding damage in Aurora.  To do that, water extraction services are performed within minutes of our arrival.  We have equipment that can safely extract and expel standing water from any surface type.  It usually only takes a couple of hours for us to remove 95+% of the moisture that has infiltrated your home of business!


applyingantimicroMold is the next target.  Did you know that black mold can start forming within 48 hours after a flood?  That’s not a lot of time, and is less than the average amount of time it takes to properly mitigate a water loss.  So we have to apply fungicides to the affected areas that inhibit mold growth long enough to allow us to finish the job.  The only way to truly prevent mold is to not give it a good environment to grow…


We then remove all remaining moisture.


Air-movers-drying-water-damagedWhile our water cleanup equipment does an amazing job getting out most of the water, there will still be some moisture that has soaked into your floors, wet carpets, walls, ceilings, etc.  It’s this moisture that causes the most problems if not dealt with properly.  We use sophisticated evaporation equipment that passes hot, dry air over the water soaked areas, causing the moisture to be released into the air.  At that point, our powerful dehumidifiers suck up water molecules and trap them to be safely exhausted outside of your property!


Did you know we can also handle your insurance claim?


bill-directIf you feel even more stressed about going through the flood restoration process because you’re concerned about dealing with your insurance, then you can relax.  Not only do we provide comprehensive water mitigation & repair services, but we also staff our company with specialists that can work on your insurance claim directly with your insurer.

Not only do we handle the claim for you, we even send the bill to them!

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