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When your office or home has sustained fire damage, we can help.  We provide complete fire & soot damage repair services throughout Chicagoland.  While it might feel like a hopeless situation, we handle fire losses daily, meaning there is nothing we haven’t seen or can’t fix.  Just call now for a free, no obligation fire damage restoration estimate.


Chicago Fire Restoration Services Made Simple!


We consider it our role to assist you in every facet of the fire damage mitigation process.  We understand that there are many different things you’re contending with while working to get your house or business back to its pre-loss state.  We can handle every aspect of that process in concert with you!


Don’t call insurance – call us first!


Out_of_date_clock_icon.svgWhat most people do wrong when faced with fire or water damage in their property is call their insurance company.  Sadly that’s not necessary and usually ends up making the process longer and more drawn out.  Any time you have a restoration emergency, it’s best to call a certified property restoration company first.  Only they have the ability to begin the mitigation process and begin restoring your life and property.

We offer 24/7 emergency responses!


Upfront rates & free estimates!


Free_EstimatesGetting the “right” price for any fire damage removal services you need is actually quite simple.  Unlike industries that get to decide their rates, with prices varying greatly from contractor to contractor, we all use the same price sheets.  Fire restoration companies use insurance-approved estimating systems that allow us to put the amount of damage & it calculates the reimbursable rate, so you know it’s a good price.

Let us provide you with a free estimate today!


All services performed by certified technicians!


checklistThe reality when it comes to soot damage or fire repair services is that you need to make a decision on which company to use quickly.  You can’t sit around when there is damage.  The home needs to be restored immediately.  We make sure every fire restoration technician is fully trained and certified as a fire damage mitigation technician.  There’s no fly-by-night services here…only the best technicians available!

You can rest easy knowing the technicians are qualified!


We can handle any insurance repairs & payments!


Another aspect of our service is that we work with insurance companies and handle any and all insurance repair services.  It streamlines the process for you so that you don’t have to play middleman between us and the insurance company.  We can work directly with them!


Our pricing is approved.

XactimateWhat does that mean for you?  If you’ve already called regarding a claim, you know that your insurance company will ask you to get an estimate for a certified Chicago fire restoration company.  By that they’ll want to know the company quotes their service using insurance claims estimating software.  All of our estimates are generated using Xactimate, so there’s 100% confidence the price quote is fair!


Our services are billed to the insurer.

bill-directOne of the biggest reliefs customers have when they choose us for their smoke removal services is that we don’t have to charge you upfront for our services.  Instead, we are happy to work with the insurance company on your bill, even sending it directly to them.  It’s a huge relief when you can’t or don’t want to pay upfront and wait for a slow reimbursement check to come in the mail.  Don’t sweat it – call us!


Relax – it’s always completed to your satisfaction!


satisfaction-guaranteeWith all of the stresses you’re dealing with, the last thing that should be a worry is whether or not the fire repair company in Chicago you hire will do the work well.  But too often, people choose the wrong company and end up with more problems and bigger headaches.  With us, any and every fire & smoke damage restoration job is backed by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.   Relax…it’s always done right!

If you need guaranteed service, call us!

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