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Whether it’s a flooded basement due to a busted pipe or overflowing sink, or you’ve got standing water on your main level from a disconnected water line running to your fridge, or any other water loss, we’re here to help! Our goal is very simple: take a bad situation and make it as easy, fast, and simple for you to get things back to normal. On average, a water or flood event happens to homeowners 1 time every 50 years so chances are if it has happened to you, you’re not sure what to do. That’s why we’re here…water damage is all that we do, and we have the resources and knowledge to completely restore your damaged property.


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Here’s just some of the reasons we hope you’ll choose us:


We specialize in 24/7 emergency disaster response services!


Some companies offer cleaning services and advertise themselves as restoration professionals.  While they might have some of the equipment necessary, they don’t focus on the type of speedy response and complete restorative techniques to quickly and effectively restore your water damaged home or office.  Emergency water damage cleanup is all we do, and we can be at your property within minutes to begin the water damage cleanup process!


We always provide you with a free estimate in writing!


We utilize industry standard quoting software and provide you with an upfront cost that includes whatever cleanup and restoration services are required to fully restore your property.  Once we get onsite, we do a full inspection to determine the amount of water damage and then provide a detailed estimate outlining all the work we will perform and the cost associated with that work.


We make sure the water damage estimate is fair!


Our process of getting a price for any Chicago water damage repairs you need is easy. Our estimators are certified to use Xactimate, which guarantees a fair rate and is the same system that your insurance adjuster will use. Here’s how you know when you call us you’re going to get a competitive price…


We work with your insurance to handle the claims process!


One aspect that can be tricky for customers is dealing with the claims process.  We handle those issues all of the time and are happy to do so with you!  We can provide all the necessary documentation and deal directly with your adjuster to handle the claims and billing process so that you can focus on your life!  So if you’re unsure how to deal with your insurance company, simply give us a call and we’ll take care of it for you!


Here are some common questions we are asked by our customers:


Should I call my insurance agent first?


No.  Your first responsibility is to protect your water damaged property.  Simply put, that means your responsibility to act quickly to make sure the damage to your property is limited as much as possible and that effective water damage mitigation services are performed.  Your insurance company wants the extent of the damages to be as small as possible so that the cost to them will be less.  So call a Chicago restoration company first and we’ll make sure to fix the problem quickly and we can work directly with your insurance agent to handle your claim.


Are you certified to perform the work?


iicrc-logoAbsolutely.  Unfortunately there are some contractors in the Chicago area that claim to be disaster specialists but in reality they might have some cleaning or construction experience but that’s about it.  Water damage restoration is a highly specialized trade and requires extensive training and special equipment in order to be effective.  Each of our technicians is a fully certified restoration professional so you can rest easy knowing the work will be performed correctly!


Is it covered by my homeowners insurance policy?


Each policy is different, but generally speaking, if the loss stemmed from a malfunction occurring within your property walls, then it will be covered.  In other words, if you experienced heavy rain and water come from outside your house into the house, that usually isn’t covered unless you have a separate flood insurance policy.  But if your water heater leaked or a pipe busted, that is typically covered by your homeowners policy.


What does the water damage restoration process look like?


Initial Assessment & Estimate – we will perform a full walk-through of your property and examine the amount of damage.  Once that is done, we will provide you with an estimate for the total cost of work that needs to be completed.

Begin Restoration Work – assuming you’re content with the estimate, we can begin work immediately.  We’ll remove any household items that have been affected as well as any that might be in harm’s way.  If you have standing water, we’ll extract that water and salvage any items that we can.  We’ll then use water extraction tools and/or air movers to dry out your property (this can take a few days depending on what items have been soaked).  Assuming significant damage has been done, we can work to restore that damage, replace flooring, walls, etc.  In most cases, we will also apply an anti-microbial spray to prevent any future mold growth from occurring.

Final Walk-through – once we have completed the process and have performed measures to ensure your property is completely dry, we’ll walk through everything with you to make sure you understand what we have done and that you’re completely happy with the work we have provided!


Still want to learn more about water damage restoration?


We’ve found videos help people quickly learn information about what they can expect when embarking on professional water damage services.  So the following video outlines the steps involved in that process and hopefully gives you a better sense of the general procedures that occur for any water restoration job we do:


What assurances can you offer me?


We realize that ultimately you just want your house in the condition it was in before you had flooding damage. But unfortunately that isn’t a guarantee with some of the companies out there. Some lack the experience to properly mitigate your loss and others lack the commitment to making sure you’re happy with the process. At RestorationEze, we want you to be confident we’re going to do the work right and make sure you’re satisfied during the process.


satisfaction-guaranteeWe guarantee your satisfaction!

Without you being happy, in some ways we’ve failed. We may be confident that your water damaged home has been completely mitigated and that you are safe and sound, but if you feel like there is something wrong then we still have work to do. It’s why we offer a complete satisfaction guarantee on all water mitigation services that we offer.


mold-free-guaranteeWe guarantee a mold-safe environment!

Stopping mold after water damage is always priority #1, and it’s only possible by rapidly and completely drying out your structure. Our technicians are certified not just as water damage restoration technicians, but many have mold remediation certifications along with applied structural drying certifications. It all adds up to our confidence that your home will pass any mold testing you might wish to have performed!


As you’re aware, anytime you live in a flood plain you’re at a greater risk of needing water damage restoration services, but unless you have flood insurance, insurance won’t cover it.  Make sure you find out if you’re at greater risk so that you can consider added protection in the form of flood insurance.

If you’re in need of Chicago IL water damage restoration services, you’re probably stressed out and unsure of what to do.  Your Chicago water damaged property is probably not something you’ve dealt with before, but it’s all we do.  Our Chicago IL water damage restoration professionals are fully licensed & certified to get your basement flood or damaged property back to normal fast.  We utilize the latest techniques, each of our Chicago technicians is fully trained, and we use the best equipment on the market.

If you see what appears to be a water main break or you have a sewage overflow that you fear may be the result of a malfunctioning city sewer line or storm drain, you will want to contact the Water Management department immediately!

We understand how traumatic having water damage can be.  Whether it is sewage back-up from a broken pipe or overflowing toilet, or a flooded basement from a water heater that is leaking, we’ve seen it all and can handle the job.  Our Chicago IL water damage crew will come to your residential or commercial property (usually within 30 minutes) and we can begin assessing the damage and provide a free, no obligation estimate for any Chicago water damage restoration services you might need.

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