Chicago Commercial Water Damage Restoration Services

Commercial properties in Chicago are just as susceptible to water losses as homes throughout the area.  The same culprits are usually at fault: running sink, backed toilet, busted pipe…the elements are the same and unfortunately disasters will occur.

Chicago Commercial Water Damage RestorationWhen they do, our Chicago commercial water damage restoration companies are available to help get your business back up and running.  We understand that time is money, and the longer you’re dealing with a water damage event, the longer your business is offline and potentially not making money.  That’s why we’re here: to get your commercial property dried out and fully restored as quickly as possible.

From the moment you call, no matter what time, we’ll dispatch a crew that has all of the equipment and resources necessary to complete even the worst water damage restoration project.  We’ll walk through your property, and provide a full project scope for any work that must be done.  We’ll then provide you with an estimate for any commercial water damage work necessary, and can begin work immediately.

And we can also work with your insurance company to handle the insurance claim process.  We work with all major insurance providers and can quickly and swiftly navigate the process, including directly billing them for your loss.

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